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The Importance Of Written Letters

by Saquib Salim

In earlier times, we did not have technology. Back then, people used to be more social than the people of the post-modern era. In those days, there were no smartphones, people didn’t know about the internet, so let the fact alone of using Wi-Fi. There was no facebook, no e-mails, and no WhatsApp as well, neither any social websites nor applications. People used to write letters, they penned down their feelings on some sheets and posted them on the accurate address. Some people were pathetic at it, but some excelled the art and skills, of writing. They knew the art of rhetoric, prosody and scansion, as well as they knew, how to write in both, beautiful handwriting as well as proper grammar. Don’t you miss those days? 

Letters impressed others and expressed the writers’ feelings. People away from home, writing about their daily routine with their family. Telling them about their work, and informing them about their “home-coming”. There weren’t any other means of communication, except letters. It’s sad to see, people nowadays hardly get time to write letters, or rather they’re just too lazy, to write one. It’s heart-breaking to see that the letters now have become outdated. Today’s generation doesn’t know, what the meaning of letters is. The letters are losing their substance. Some letters made people anxious; some made people cry, some gave people hilarious laughter and some cherishable memories. Some letters made the relationships and bonds stronger, even though the writer and the reader, don’t see each other, they did feel each other. The lovers felt pain and agony, as well as hopes of good lives with each other, in each other’s arms. The wives of soldiers felt the pain of their husband's absence, and broke on their news of death, when the postman delivered a telegram, and vice-versa when, the soldiers got a telegram from home, informing about a deceased member’s death. Some families, of a member, mourned over a letter of a deceased member, who was far from home. Some brought tears of joy, some excitements, and some tension within and among the family members. It’s getting extinct, the voice of letters now are unheard. Nobody pays attention, on the letters anymore. When one reads a letter, he does not read with eyes, but heart. 

When someone writes a letter, he does it, not with hand, but heart. That’s why, letters are said to be a “heart-to-heart” connection, between the writer and the reader. The value of letters, were priceless, but in today’s world, we do not concern writing letters anymore. Everyone shall know and learn the worth, value and meaning of letters.