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The Fulton: A Poetic Form

by Brian Strand

The Fulton poetic form has 3, 4, 5 words of 3, 4, 5 letters or 6 words of 6 letters (examples below) or 7 words of 7 letters and so on. Additionally, it has a pastoral theme and integral title.

It was inspired by an example of artwork created by Hamish Fulton's (b 1946): a landscape text and image work 'A Seven Day Walk in The Mountains Switzerland Early Summer 1984'. 

Two examples illustrate the variety of the Fulton


M   A   Y

F    L    Y

D   A     Y



S  U  M  M  E  R

L  E   A   V  E  S

C  O  L  O  U  R

L  E   A   V   E   S

A  U   T   U   M  N

L  E    A   V   E   S