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The Christmas Miracle: A Poetry Publishing Story

by Gwen Schutz

I thought Santa Claus had arrived early. As a writer I discovered a wonderful program where you could send your poetry to be published. So I sent them a poem and they accepted that for their anthology. An Anthology usually features a selection of chosen poems. I was absolutely delighted.

Each time I would send them a poem, they would send me a beautiful acceptance letter. We were becoming friends almost overnight. I had published many poems with them. They e-mailed me that they had chosen me to publish a book. Well I thought that was very exciting. I read what was required and proceeded to get my book published. I had to send them a manuscript of my poetry and a paragraph about myself and a picture. Well they said my book would be ready and since they were American, the publishing phase would be longer. 

Sure enough one day when I least expected a package arrived. Well I must say that was like receiving a Christmas present. I carefully unwrapped the parcel. There were twenty-five beautiful books with a photographic cover of nature. That Christmas I gave them as presents. I would hear all kinds of good comments about my poetry. I was very happy about the results. Did I ever think I could achieve that, publish a book? I am very thankful. That is my Christmas miracle from God, I thought.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz