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Start Small but Finish Big in Self-Publishing

by Anthony Obey

You may have never considered self-publishing as an option for your book or even considered publishing at all for your work. Publishing a book is extremely effective in broadcasting your message, ministry, or organization. A book gives you the ability to thoroughly inform, educate, and inspire your audience on what you are teaching. A book also adds another very lucrative stream of income to your organization that will enhance your existing ones.

Now that your interest is peaked about the power of writing a book, you may directly go to thinking “who should I go with: Random House or Nelson Publishing?” Who said that you would be able to go the traditional route in the first place? Traditional publishers only publish about a dozen to 50 books a year while they receive 1000’s of book proposals from would be authors every single month. Do you see how the two don’t equal a book deal for you any time soon?

But take heart, many of the greatest writers of time past up to today have been self-published authors. Check out this list of names to see if self-publishing could be profitable for you:

WEB Dubois, Ken Blanchard, Benjamin Franklin, Earnest Hemingway, Spencer King, Edgar Allen Poe, William Strunk, Henry David Thoreau, Mark Twain, T.D. Jakes, and Walt Whitman.

This is some list, huh? What makes the difference is not whether you get a book deal with a traditional publisher or self-publish, the difference is within you. You have to determine how successful you will be and what legacy you will leave to the world after you. I wouldn’t let the rejection that you’ll get from traditional publishing companies stop me from being successful if I were you. I know because my wife and I didn’t let that stop us. We self-published our book and started marketing, promoting, and speaking to teach our message to the world. We have found this to be a great way to get our message out and reach people.

You should definitely consider self-publishing as the road that will lead you to where you are trying to go. Do your research on different Self- Publishing companies and get your work out there.

Anthony Obey is the owner of GMA Publishing providing book publishing and marketing services to Writers, Pastors, Leaders, and Speakers. At you can also sign up for Book Coaching and receive FREE E-Tips on Writing, Publishing, and Marketing your book.

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