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Six Things A Writer Should Never Do.

by Abosede Ogundare

At a point writing became difficult for me,it was like i made a mistake becoming a writer, and sometimes it was like the angels of words were embracing me with inspirations.We all fret blocks.But as a writer i will like to share a few things you should NEVER do.

So, as a writer never be afraid of what people might say…never belittle your work, and think people will consider it a crap or trash.The power a writer has can’t be underestimated…create your world!! make things happen, your write-ups, articles, poems, stories, whatsoever you wish to write out of your river of abundance is your choice…its your world and you rule! you determine which character stays and which leaves.So dear writer, never be afraid to say your mind, put them down in words..create that perfect scenario you have always imagined and put them down on paper…put the “what if is not good’ behind you and just write. As a writer, you have to keep writing to improve yourself.You do not start by writing good stuff, you start by writing craps you thinks as good stuff,then gradually,with persist ency, you become better.

As a writer or to be writer there are some thing that hinders or serves as barricades or obstruction to being that successful, well known, admirable……put whatever adjective you  want,  writer.

I am writing you dear aspirant- writer,to let you know the distractions that can kill a book before it even gets written or published.

Here is a list of what writers, or aspiring writers,should  Never do,

Number 1…Never see writing as a task… people make this mistake a lot, as a writer,writing should be a passion, once you start viewing your writing as a task, sooner or later you get bored.Writing is a calling and not a choice.

Number 2,…Never wait for the right opportunity to write…as a writer,’best opportunity’ might never come, you create it, do not wait for best time to write, do not wait till  you feel like writing, or else you will never get anything written.Put your pen on paper and write!Writing is a struggle against silence,never let that silence overwhelm you, write!Let your pen bleed ruthlessly on that paper.Fill your paper with the breathing of your heart.

Number 3…Never wait till words come!…people often think writing is as easy as the breeze blows, sometimes, writers do have blocks, this is when it seems words aren’t flowing,it could be frustrating thou, but never let it define your writing, you can’t wait for inspiration to come, you have to go after it.So when the challenge of writing presents itself, just stay calm and write.Write when words flows, write  when words refuse to flow!When you decide to write, trying frantically to write,when you are knocking fervently on the door of inspiration, sooner or later it will open.

Number 4…. Never procrastinate…believe it or not there are lazy writers(well i used to be one)…you want to be a published writer, or a writer in all sense of it, never ever procrastinate…the moment you start shifting your writing to a later day, then procrastination, whom is a soul mate to laziness, is quietly giving you a tap on the back.Writers sometimes decide to opt for things more exciting,like watching movie, taking a stroll, or just sitting on your pouch and gazing at the moon, or go clubbing,what ever it is,sometimes, are distractions.

Number 5…Never be intimidated by other writers…never let other peoples work intimidate you,every writer possess a special skill of writing that makes him or her unique,its normal to admire a good write-up or book,let it motivate you to continue writing.You are unique!so is your mode of writing,know your strength and carve a niche for yourself in the world of writing.The ladder of Writing is wide enough for every writer to climb, without clashing.

Number 6…Never stop writing…. Writing is the best way to talk without  being interrupted..writing is a spirit let it live within you…Write when you are frustrated, write when you are happy, write when you are not happy, write when you want to, write when you do not want to!..yes it’s possible…No one can write your story except you!..Write a book that will be ever green on the shelf of life.Writing is magical, leave your reader spell-bond!.

You don’t have to be a great writer, to write a beautiful piece, start now.My love for writing grew when i found out my love for reading, then, i would always think…why can’t i write like these authors?…then it struck me that i had never being writing..You want to be the Shakespeare of your time, the Martins Luther King of your time? The Chinua Achebe of your time?  e.t.c…then you will do what these great writers did at their time,they wrote..-that’s what they all had in common-…WRITING!,They never gave up on writing!. Immortalize yourself with your books! Great writers are never forgotten..and great books are always ever-green.The desire to write grows with writing. See you at the top!

Remember the more you write…the better you become!

From a writer to a writer.

With love,