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Review of "Tea Break Poems"


Tea Break Poems by Jenny Proxenos is a short collection of poems that touches on different aspects of life's situations with diverse stories and unique encounters.

This book contains a compilation of forty-two poems, each headed by a title acting as a bellwether for its content. The poems range across a litany of fascinating, hilarious, and controversial topics. It's unclear if first-person narrated encounters are fictitious or the author's, but they ring personal and genuine. Among the diverse issues on societal ills covered were climate change, overpopulation, the importance of covid-19 vaccination, pollution, bushfire, poaching, etc. The author was very vocal about these issues and cleverly played with words to give a rhythmic effect but without reducing the seriousness of the situation. She added several fantastical poems and didn't hold off in swirling romantically-induced poems about passionate love. The compilation is unique as it doesn't just answer to a particular target audience but is all-inclusive and engaging in diverse content.

Jenny Proxenos is definitely without contention when penning emotions and preening situations into rhythmic flows. Her style is unmatched, and her articulation is clearly on point. Her delivery was simple and kept readers highly engaged without ambiguous verbiage or abstract sentences. Her words were resonating and enlightening beyond the light-hearted rhythmic effect she gave to them. I resonated with quite a lot but found the following quote most thought-provoking. It says, 'We will all get older and age, and are all on the same page, for we will all one day reach this stage, when we are eighty or eighty- five, and think we are thirteen and a naughty teen.'

I love how the author euphemized grave situations, played with words, and still drew the critical importance and weight of the issue discussed. The titles heading each poem were a very clever gesture, and I appreciate the author for that. It not only gave an insight into the poem's content but also acted as a guide in keeping track of each poem read by the reader. Being a huge fan of poetry, I am fired up and excited when I find poetry written in simple vocabulary, with a knack for relatability. This, to me, is an excellent definition of a good leisure read, and this book surpasses all standards. I also love the variety of topics covered in this book. It was hard to pick a favorite poem from the collection, but I loved 'Life's Second Love: For My Bride' a little more than the rest.

There is nothing I dislike about this book. It contains only one punctuation error and fires down in a smooth rhythmic flow all through. Therefore, I rate Tea Break Poems 4 out of 4 stars.

I recommend this book to poetry lovers with an eclectic taste. This book offers variety and a pleasurable leisure read.

Tea Break Poems
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