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Reawakening the Spirit of Writing in the Twenty-First Century

by Abonyi Hyginus Ebuka

The spirit of writing, most especially in our twenty-first century, is diminishing. This is caused by many factors. You should know that you do not need to have great ideas before you start writing, or that your idea must be magnificent before you pen down your thoughts. I do not know your view on writing, but I must tell you it is good to write it down. Not writing is basically caused by:

  1. Thinking that you don't have a perfect idea 
  2. Fear of criticism
  3. Fear of making mistakes
  4. Not knowing how to organize your thoughts.
  5. Not knowing what to write about.
  6. No passion for reading (this will also lead to *no passion for writing*)

Which category do you fall? Don't be afraid; this is normal, and it happens to every tender mind. Nonetheless, those keywords enumerated above will be elucidated below.

Thinking That You Don't Have A Perfect Idea

Just know that no idea is perfect, and that is the reason it is an idea that can also be called an opinion. Begin writing by penning down your daily thought. It can be about the woman you meet in your workplace, market, church, etc. It can be about your daily activity or how you encountered difficulties. It can be about anything. Just pen it down on a paper.

You should also know that ideas come like a flashlight, and it can also go. Therefore, whenever you have any idea or thought in your mind, do not say I will pen it down later when I am done doing this. No! When it comes, go immediately and pen it down. What will you see... Boom! it will flow like a water. That is why I normally say that ideas flow like steam.

If you keep waiting when your idea will be perfect, I am sorry because you will wait till you enter your grave. Begin now to write, your idea may be the best but you do not know.

Fear of Criticism

When writing, do not think of what people will say. Some of us may have great ideas or may know what to write but the fear of facing criticism makes them not write. The fear of criticism which I called *Criticphobia* has generated fear in people that they will say, 'What will they say, it is better not to write than to receive insult writing'. I will tell you that as a person in life, you need criticism because it will make you stronger and will help you to grow and be better next time. Do not be afraid of the criticism that will follow what you have written down see it as a source of improvement.

Know that in writing you will meet to categories of readers. First are those that will encourage you and second people are those that will criticize you. Do be afraid of criticism rather see it as what will make you better she next you are writing.

Fear of Making Mistakes

Fear of making mistakes is one of the primary elements that has contributed to the downtown in writing. By saying that I don't want to fail, so I will not write is itself a failure. For me, I take what you call failure as a step or process to my success. It tells me to try harder or put more effort or to check what is wrong. I want you too to view it like that.

The earlier you begin to embrace your failure the earlier you meet your success. Success does not come at once, you need to try many times. That which you see as failure is what tells you to try again. Do not be afraid of whether you will fail writing or not. Just write something.

Not Knowing How to Organize Your Thoughts

Many people will tell you that they know what to write but the problem is how to write it. This is what I have termed *Not knowing how to organize your thoughts*. This should not be a problem. To avoid using this as an excuse for not writing, below are tips on how to overcome it.

  1. Just write that your idea or thought anyhow not minding whether it is organized or not. Write it the way it came into your mind. This is what you should do first.
  2. After you have written it down, you can look for assistance. Find someone who has experience in writing to help you organize it. If you can't find it, do not worry just move to the third step.
  3. Go to Google and type 'how to organize article or easy', you will see so many sites that will teach you on how you can go in organizing your thoughts or ideas.

Not Knowing What to Write

When one does not know where he is coming from, definitely, he will not know where he will land. This is a basic obstacle towards writing but I assure you that after reading this piece, you will not see this again as a problem and you will always have something to write.

There a lot of things to be written on. Something you can ask yourself questions like this... What do I know about this? It can be a good start for what to write. You can write about many things. Like;

  • you can write something concerning my experience in school,
  • you can write something concerning your hobby,
  • you can write something concerning your work, etc.

There are many things to write about, just think.

No Passion for Reading (This will also lead to *no passion for writing*)

She there is no passion for reading, there will be equally no passion for writing. Sometimes we feel bored of reading. This is a common thread especially among youths: We do not like to read. A lot of knowledge comes through reading. Through reading, we get much information. When we read sometimes it seems we are not understanding what we are reading but unknowingly to us we get information.  We should try and cultivate the habit of reading because she read, you may have a contrary opinion of what you have read. Just write it down. (For tips on how to cultivate the habit of reading email me on


Finally, do not say ‘what is the reason for me writing if I am not publishing it?’ You must not publish what you have written. The most important thing is just to write. Through writing, you learn more and also share your ideas. Ideas shared I'd better than an idea not shared.

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