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Published Author

by Cynthia Jones

I first started writing on Jan.3/2002. What first got me started into writing, was what had happened on Sept.11/2001. I didn't know exactly what to write, but just started writing. I never thought of myself as becoming a writer. Or a published one, for that fact.

My first poetry book got published in 2004. It's titled, "Changing of the Seasons and Reflections of Nature." I figured I'd just put out a practice book. I didn't care if I became famous or not. I did it for me. I wanted to feel like I had accomplished something in my life. I went ahead and got a second book published in 2005. It's titled, "Who Says Poetry and Humor Don't Mix?" I wished I had waited and got some of my best writes put together and published instead, because I put out my best ones (I think), after I got published. I'm proud of my books.

I have been putting writes together for another book, that's until I found out the publishing company that published my books, were a scam. I wish I had known that sooner. I spent almost $500 buying my own books, that I didn't get paid for. :OS Not only that, a few of them didn't even get delivered. That was two years ago. I found out last year about the scam. I want to publish more books, but this scam stops me from doing so.