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Poetry for the Soul!

by Rene'e Braxton
     Let me start out by saying that poetry is calming and soothing;It is therapy and it doesn't cost a thing! I love writing poetry and i love reading the poetry of others.Here on ''Poetry Soup'', i have encountered numerous forms of poetry that has clearly moved me. What talent that lives on this wonderful site. I am honored to be a part of it. Poetry nourishes every part of one's body especially the ''soul.''  It renews the spirit and it wakes up the brain.

     I started writing poetry when i was twelve years of age.It was fun and it kept me engaged. I was writing about everything and everyone from movie stars to boys. Both are vast areas to cover. I was amazed how the words just flowed out of my body and onto the paper-It was very satisfying indeed. I got my girlfriends interested in poetry as well. I had one friend who wrote a lot of poetry about her parents and the subject of suicide. She was clearly very depressed and eventually her parents got her some help. Thank God.

     Poetry brings things out of you that need to come out.The good and the bad,and that is why i believe so many people write poetry in the first place.  We all have something to say and we all want to be heard. We want to be validated and we want to count. Poetry has been  a reward in my life. Every time i complete a new poem i feel so proud of myself and so energized  by it all. I feel as if i have just won the ''grand prize'' in a big contest. It is an amazing  feeling. I like the feeling and this is why i continue to write and write.

     Poetry is for the soul because it keeps one focused and interested in life and living. Poetry is about life. Poetry is about living. When one writes a poem,there is so many things to write about. One can write about their favorite fragrance,social network,movie, singer and so on. This is why poetry allows people to open up and share their souls with family,friends and even strangers. It is truly wonderful.

     Tomorrow i will be attending a poetry reading at a library on Roosevelt Island here in New York City.  I will be reading my poem,''United'' which i wrote in response in the aftermath of September 11TH. It is short and straight to the point. A response that i want to make as public as possible.  My soul needed this poem,and it helped to heal it.  Yes,''poetry is for the soul.''  I thank God for poetry!