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Poetry as Thought-Reservoirs

by sand blown

Being an amatuer by any and all means (but, having collected a few things on the way) it would seem best to speak from analogy with respect elucidating any understanding of that art of sculpting with words called 'poetry'. Just as the beauty of a wooden sculpture is in the shape, so too, the beauty of poetry is in more than just the words; it is found in the ideas about life or whatever and the ironies, sarcasms, comedies, etc that the human race does or does not attend.

My background is industry and teaching, so it might be best to start with a quote from a long past famous mathematician who said, 'use your toys as scientific instruments and research'. Words are toys so whether one chooses to paint, sculpt, or weave with them choose words carefully because they will lend shape to a picture of ideas and concepts: a poem.

Thought is what is shaped in a poem or free write, therefore philosophy inevitably enters the picture. Philosophy of thought and word is shape-of-the-abstract, substance in/of the poem itself. A poem speaks of the discrete and/or the continuous (examples: the what or the who). The what is from a who, and the who is the being or essence of continuity itself; the who is language. Language arose from an overpowering departure into 'being'. Language is 'being' embodied; it is the first gradient level of poetry on a scale that spans the art of cutting the infinite up like a cake (and there is more than one way to do that).

In a poem language is manifested such that it has its own configurations; a departure into something more than just words, into 'being', That a concept has some 'being there' does demand that some mechanics of rationale (or lack there-of) manifest the 'nature' of that concepts 'being' there. The 'being'' of the words or wording is the grounds of the write, it is the essence from which spring wells of collectedness of ideas and "aha's".