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Pattern and Style of Writing Poetry

by Ojingiri Hannah

My definition of poetry before I started writing was the ability to perceive your environment and project your imaginations and emotion to writing with adequate use of dictions. Poetry has always been something challenging due to the belief of perfection, insertion of appropriate diction and speech.

I wrote my first poem to impress a particular individual and at that moment what matters was my ability to impress through poetry and not a perfection of words or diction. The joy in writing poetry comes from the free flow of thoughts and ideas, not the obsession with metaphors and personification. Writing is beautiful but it is more beautiful when no rules are involved. The best kind of writing is the one people can connect with, without necessarily thinking about the way or manner in which it is written.

How to write poetry in a more enjoyable manner:

  • Take your mind off any poetic rules
  • Don’t be conventional
  • Write immediately you conceive an idea
  • Don’t over think to write

Take your mind off any poetic rules: when writing poetry, don’t pressure yourself with the ability to deliver to the world, a grammar filled poetry. There is nothing bad in writing simple straightforward poetry, without worrying about the placement of alliteration or any other poetic ingredients. Simple poetry like: ‘’There is one life There is one truth You are my angel And I fail to recognize you’’ Sometimes without even putting much effort, we can derive lots of poetic diction in our poetry. What we release to the world is what we conceive in our mind. When your thoughts are filled with the ability to appear perfect to the world through your poetry then it becomes a product of educational usage alone, where students are given to extract figure of speech.

Let your poetry speak to people, let it connect to people and make them feel the passion in your writing.

Don’t be a convention, of course, the majority of writers want to be like successful writers and through that, they copy their ways and modes of writing. There is nothing bad in trying to learn or gain additional knowledge from those that are labeled renowned writers, but why not be original. Show to the world what you are made of and not a shadow of another person. Write from your heart and not from someone else’s poetry book.

Write immediately you conceive an idea, because sometimes those ideas we forget to dot down are masterpieces. The thought that comes to you unexpectedly is like one-time lotto lottery jackpot. Always keep with you a little book and pen to jot down all your ideas even if they don’t make sense to you at first keep putting them down and eventually you will see sense in it.

Don’t over think to write. You don’t have to crack your brain to write poetry like you are in an exam hall trying to remember what you have read. Even if you are writing for a competition, you don’t have to stress your brain. Poetry is derived from experience, emotions, and thoughts, not critical thinking. Poetry is something that comes easy merely by hearing the word ‘’love’’ you would already know what to write on. We all as humans have experienced love whether it’s negative or positive. Project your writings from your heart and not from your head.