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Organic Open Poetry Form

by Brian Strand

ORGANIC POETRY FORM. The form is taken by poetry arising naturally from its subject matter as opposed to 'mechanic form' e.g stanzaic or metrical patterns which can be imposed upon it. A poetry form using spacing & breaks for an expressive effect (rather than punctuation)which  molds its phrasing and spacing to conform to the pressure of the poetic content.  

The Key Facets

Open with apperception of poetic elements: imagery, assonance, rhythm, and sound, each has a role to play in the symbolism of an intuitive of the self-conscious in a crystallized convergence of the moment with punctuation & implied interpretation.

Labeled 'Organic' (or sometimes 'Open') it is a form typically changing according to mood, essentially fluid & inherently variable, thus creating an inevitable unique mutual(poet, listener, reciter) participative interaction.

Hilda Morley is the best-known exponent of the organic form and Denise Levertov in 1965 covered the form extensively in her keynote essay thereon  'Notes on Organic form'


Book: Shattered Sighs