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One On Its Own Stands Noted!

by Diane M Quinlan

One on its own stands noted!

When reading the author uses word play to skillfully 'set a stage-visual happen chance.  This way offers many marvelous and varied interpretations  to develop from each one's own mind-use abilities--- individual  new meanings, views on the words written can really challenge the well-tuned reader's mind.... to rethink, take a pause and read again!   A true gratifying and wonderful exercise for new to poetry readers---- perhaps 'enabling' them to become  life-long fans.... the very reading 'first hand' educates even the  moderate reader and like-minds tuning in today for a great read. This is why we write and read.  

Does a poem need illustration?   Yes and no, some like it included and others may think it distracts!   But if the good word work speaks for itself it can only be more enhanced by a visual view of the theme and can lead to abstract looks to choose more thought into the piece on another 'ones' take, love and beliefs.  Doesn't harm if well presented.  Overwriting on pictured subjects can call to the person to read the text. you like flowers, than you like nature, you like nature's colours, smells and life cycles than you will read the flowered poem.   I think to the reader and writer it is purely a personal choice.  Why does a woman put make-up on?  This can be good or bad with results affecting the inner person which really is the essence to  the real 'her'.  Words and pictures are a 'first impression' factor and when well done, becomes an attraction to delve deeper into that attraction. Which ever way, we are to (look, listen  and learn) about the  author and  painter's pieced.   We have been gifted when reading these  shared  art works/ word play together or alone and if appreciated than this is how the author and artist is repaid (a two-fold) happenstance! 

..........didee painter and poet.

Book: Reflection on the Important Things