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Miracle Honour - Published Poet

by Gwen Schutz

The day had finally arrived. I was chosen by my peers and management of our senior's residence. I was selected to display my poetry accomplishments. The Open House was a day to look forward to and maybe I was somewhat nervous. Neighbours and friends would guest.

I had invited my realtives and friends. That was exciting for me. After many years of writing I had two beautiful books that I had published non-commercially. They are "Living With God" and "Sounds of Christmas". I had been chosen for the William Shakespeare Award by an American Company. I had also been chosen for their esteemed Editor's Choice Awards. I received a trophy for "Outstanding Achievement in Poetry".and had qualified for two more trophies. I had a book where my many achievements were recorded. I also play the piano and had been selected to play for the "Senior Birthdays" and socials That was quite an honour.

We had the most fantastic reunion with relatives and friends. I got a picture of us around the table. This was a fantastic day in my life. Who would have thought that I could accomplish this.I received a lovely "Thank You" from management

Thanks to and for making this miracle happen. I dream of publishing a commercial book someday especially for my relatives and friends. I have to say I believe in miracles.

Author: Gwen von Erlach


Book: Shattered Sighs