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Literary Terms: Let’s Get To Know Few

by Anuradha sowmyanarayanan
  • PROSODY is a science of verse forms, poetic metres and rhythms.
  • RHETORIC is an art of using language effectively or impressively.
  • Heroic couplet is a two line stanza having two rhyming lines in Iambic pentameter.
  • Enjambed couplets are the couplets in which the sense runs on from one couplet to another.
  • Alexandrine is a line of six iambic feet occasionally used in a heroic couplet.
  • Terza Rima is a run on three line stanza with a fixed rhyme scheme.
  • Rhyme Royal Stanza is a seven line stanza in Iambic pentameter.
  • Ottawa Rima is an eight line stanza in Iambic pentameter with a fixed rhyme scheme.
  • Spenserian stanza is a nine line stanza consisting of two quatrains in Iambic pentameter rounded off with an Alexandrine.
  • Blank verse has a metre but no rhyme.