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LIFE In life we come across things we wish we shouldn’t come across. We see things we don’t want to see. Things happen that we don’t want them to happen. We do things we know that we are not supposed to do. We hurt people whom we are not supposed to be hurt, because of the decisions we make, but sometimes we don’t do it deliberately so and we do it without seeing nor understand that at the end it will hurt someone. We make mistakes that can’t be corrected, mistakes that affect us the rest of our lives, and it happen not to accept that you made that mistake and one would not want to blame her/himself for that mistake but pointing out to other people, which make it hard for our lives, because the time we don’t accept, make peace and believe that we made mistake that can’t be corrected nor learned from but mistakes that affected our entire life, it’s going to affect us more. Learn to accept what you can’t change, live with what you have, change what you can change, be happy of what you have yes it’s not easy to smile when you have problems ,when life tackles you down , when obstacles of life face you , but again don’t you think it’s waste of time to keep of thinking of solution of something that can’t be changed, while you can just let it be and let it go, worrying and locking up yourself in your room or being alone won’t bring you anything positive nor productive, because being alone brings all those negative thoughts, we all know that when challenges nor test of life come into our life it takes time for us to step in to our inner strength and in our capability, all we do is forgetting who we are ,where we are going and what do we want. Things that comes to our minds are all negative, they are destructive things, they are things that holds us down, that makes us forget about our dreams, that closes bright light to come into our life, all that we see is darkness and we refuse to see the light. Challenges are there to make us, to build us, to mold us, to shape us, they are there to set up a strong and stable foundation of our life’s, succeeding without having any difficulties is a success but it didn’t teach you anything, yes it is good and nice that you did succeed in your own way but never look down to others, never judge anyone, my road is not your road, so is your road. Let challenges and obstacles build you and motivate you to be a strong and independent person, let those challenges to keep you going, no matter what people say, no matter how hard it is keep going, always dream big, keep on pressing and pushing. Life is not an easy test and nobody said it will be even our God who brought us in this world He haven’t said to us that life is going to be easy, but He promised us that in whatever we do , whatever we come across He will always be with us. He told us He won’t give us the test that He know we can’t pass, but again He expect us to lead Him half way in order to see that we are courageous and determined to win all that we want, and He told us that merero ya rona, ha se merero ya hae (our thoughts, it’s not His thoughts). He is the God whom give us what we need and what we want at the right time, don’t be discouraged when all you do, doesn’t go right, at some point He test our patience because He know us, we are His children, He know that among us there are those who do something now and want positive results now without even getting a clear picture of what we are doing nor what we want to do, that’s why He delays. That’s when we start saying life is not fair and you are being bewitched , we tend to look at other people and say yho they are so lucky all they want they get it, we say all those things by just looking at them not knowing how they got that is it in an easy way or hard way. In this life there is nothing called lucky, you create your own lucky by doing all the sorts of things you want to see in your life, being positive and telling yourself you can, you can’t want to mix water with oil and expect them to have a great and testy mixtures, you can’t go out and say you want kfc at debonairs you won’t get it. In this life set your priorities straight, know who you are, figure out what you want and how you will get it, always have plenty of plans, and learn not to always to blame people in all that you do nor when things go wrong you start pointing out fingers to other people, that’s when you will think that this life is not great as you thought it is because you want people to hold your own bullets, you don’t want to take what’s your especially the hurting and difficult things. Be strong in all that you do in life, this life is not meant to be lived in a perfect way, and not anybody will see you as a perfect nor someone who tries something in life. In this life not everyone is going to love you, encourage you and stay with you the rest of your life, some will come and go some will stick with you in thin and thick, but don’t blame those who leave its not in their hands that they can stay, they too have life that they have to run and out in progress, focus on those whom you have, and always remember that even you there are those people whom you went out of their life’s because of the reason you had, so when people leave you accept and make peace with you, your future is not attached to anybody whom left you and those whom left you won’t build your life nor upgrade your life that’s why they left. Live this life as if they said you will never see tomorrow, never worry about what tomorrow hold in store for you, instead always have hope, believe and always plan for tomorrow, make each and every day of your life count, laugh smile and scream at the confusion that life brings up for you and always be happy. Life is a story, write your own story, don’t let people write your own story, don’t let them hold the pen and a paper of your own, write your own book, just let be people be editors of your life story and let them edit where necessary and where they supposed to nor when you ask them to. Live your life in a positive manner, even in hard times be positive, all comes and go. Believing in yourself will open doors for you, nobody will like to believe in someone whom doesn’t believe in her/himself give me the reason to believe in you, give me the reason to support and always trust you, always have something nice and good to say about yourself even we all know nobody is perfect. REMEMBER GOD LOVES US ALL, ALWAYS CALL UNTO HIM HE WILL ANSWER, ALWAYS PUT HIM FIRST, BECAUSE KE MODIMO YA LEREKO, MODIMO YA MOSA, MODIMO YA LEREKO,QETELLONG KE MODIMO YA SAFETOHENG.PEOPLE GOT THEIR OWN EXPECTATION FROM OTHERS, AND NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO SOME WILL NOT APPRECIATE WHAT YOU DO, LIFE ACCORDING TO YOUR OWN EXPECTATION AND BE HAPPY ABOUT WHAT YOU DO. LIFE IS GREAT ALL THE TIME .

Book: Shattered Sighs