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In the promotion of books and literature, Important service of Amman Ahsan

by John Elia

Norman says that "literature is meant by all the investment ideas and feelings that have been written and the reader has been set to the reader. "The definition of literature, which everyone agrees, is a difficult task. The wise, such as Matthew Arnold, reaches us through the book, literature. Peter thinks," literature, events Or the facts are not only the name of presenting the facts but the diversity of expression to say literature is necessary. "When in the words of Cardinal Newman," the language and words of human ideas and feelings are called "literature" expressions. "It is worth considering that every country's literature also has a spokesman for its social environment, religion, civilization and civilization, collective dreams and public desires. The formation of Pakistan after Pakistan is brought to the category of Pakistani literature, and the definition of Pakistani literature is defined, according to different verses, according to their statement, the definition of literature is like this, such as Faiz According to Ahmed Faiz, "Pakistani literature is in which Pakistan is compatible with traditions, conditions, backgrounds and descendants. It also exists for the location. "According to Ahmad Nadim Qasimi," Pakistani literature refers to the literature that the existence of Pakistan's existence, Pakistan's honour and Pakistan's way and the cultural and historical demonstration of Pakistan The spokesperson of the spokesman, which is a reflection of hundreds of thousands of residents and ideas and illnesses. Obviously, in this case, Pakistani literature, Indian literature or Iranian literature or Chinese literature or English literature will vary from "." The opinion of mysterious literature is that "the literature that the writers living in Pakistan have existed. Pakistani literature will be called ".

In the digital era when the world is simultaneous, the extensions of borders and ideas are universal in these situations, through the scam, the literature of any country can be transferred to the other country, if Urdu literature is talked about If its Flame can not be felt in western literature, this process is also related to any transfer in the other hand. The natural expansion of any topic is comfortable in the native language. Still, it is free from the colour of literature-loving colour and generation to travel like this bird, more likes, which happened to them from one place Flame on the blame. Because of the modern era, where life is made in life and has also provided unhealthy benefits, including people, and they have also removed humans from the principle of literacy and literature. Literature Shias, more believing on reading books, not possible to refuse digital facilities, but the way the PDF has set the books small memory cards, as well as the author and publishers of Books. 

The fans in Book Festivals suffer the arrival of many books surprisingly that there is still a lack of lovers of books. The festival is the stalls of books in the festival, or the introductory events of the books, the number of slaves against democratic principles is not permissible, but literature remains heavy for the horoscope of Al-Ahbab. Omna Hassan is also a person's name, who just made a sitting in the name of literature Shine, just for many years, so that in any way the seat of literature is a consciousness to awaken the books. Ahsan Ahsan is a well-known writer, blogger, creator and analyst; his review on the books is the importance of unique places, mainly their interviews are specialized in the famous literature. Along with tuber, blogger and unique, he believes that he is interested in reading books and faces and talks to solving matters; with just a few reasons in Art Council Karachi, he decides. By giving birth to our commitment to a caravan journey, strengthening a movement to strengthen and strengthen the intentions, literature shows our little sitting, whose purpose is to promote books. Anyone can become part of it. "Each Sunday afternoon, two hours are dedicated to this purpose; participants are required for the participants that they will write their ornaments with them and their Read yourself by selecting the paragraph of choice. The book reads prose and poetry with its beautiful thoughts. Instead of wasting time in the discussion discussions and luxury conversations, the literature caravan is included, and the message spreads every hundred like love. If literature is to be alive, then the books will be adopted; some moments of precious times of the busy times will only be done on the study of books instead of giving social media. Of course, it seems easy but learns, this difficulty The work of work was raised alone. Jad is constantly serving the reality and artificial lifestyle and serving reality to see the reality and awakening the creativity in frozen dad. At the tired of disappointing the waves of despair, the hopes and hopeless waves are tired of reaching the coast, their only a few colleagues are working, which is getting a positive message to the new generation.