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How to Write a Book

by Christopher Dubsky

Brief Testimonial:

     I am Ironic Zinc. I am a poet. My highest level of formal education is a G.E.D.... I believe in the possibilities of the infinite... Which means; I have an extremely open mind and I allow all religions to be opinionated, as well as optional. Also, I am currently writing a book. This is simply my humble attempt to instruct some one; anyone—myself included—how-to write a book. This will be geared towards the behavioral aspect rather than the intellectualized, 'proper' mannerism. I am not going to be 'by the book'. I think that by the book is a few other boring books that are typically by some other standardized books.. Like I said, I am writing a book. The key factor to take into consideration is this important fact; I haven't taken any advanced placement courses in English Literature nor have I followed 'standard' guidelines throughout my writing process... Think of this how you so choose to... I recommend the open minded approach. Here goes something...

How To Write A Book 

By: Ironic Zinc

     You must believe in every aspect involved first. Believe in yourself. Trust your passion; without such passion for writing, you cannot believe. Belief consists of blind faith in your ability to write. This should also be backed by the origination of your idea. The idea must make you, personally, feel something that is indescribable. You may not even be aware of the acctual enormity that this idea truly is upon initial creation. Such realization that you actually created something worth writing a book about may simply pass by like a disregarded "what if" thought. For me, these thoughts are more like; "yeah right". Fear is inside of everyone. You must believe in your originality and embrace your true ability to create something completely unique.

Sweet, we believe in ourselves. Now we have a dream... This dream is what will become the book you will write. Where to begin? With so many thoughts, we must get organized. Compartmentalize my thoughts... I write poetry and the very poems that I write have been my only sense of order in this chaotic world of think this about thoughts that think this about that... I suggest writing poetry... (thought)

Note to self: Not everything I write is amazing... Sometimes I write complete garbage... Do not get hung up on your ego. This ego may not even be aware of you; or vise-versa... Cut the crap and focus on your strengths. Develop a unique style and create your writing signature through words rather than presentation. Important-WORDS are just as important as important words. However, if you feel that certain words need to be highlighted by special fonts, I recommend that you believe in yourself... Webster's dictionary may not always define everything completely... Remember how we speak... 

Words (have and do) hecome images by the ignorance of (lazy) society. Context is not always perfection. Hillbillies talk different than college professors. Words don't have to be one way. Words are flexible (wordy). We twist words on a daily basis as proportions get blown up and stories change. People believe in their own unique perceptions. Words are perceived (perceivey). Opinions vary as do speech patterns within various cultures. I have an accent. You have an accent. Words have an accent. Draw(l) words into pictures that people can visualize without thought. Believe in your words that you write. Only then will your words make belief.

Write fast but take your time. Don't waste time on simple punctuation during (them) special moments of writing clarity. Allow yourself the humanity to make mistakes (be human). Be authentic. Mister know-it-all lacks the humility of priceless ignorance. I am constantly allowing myself to be wrong (write). Writing a book is your attempt to share yourself with the world. People understand other people. Be human...

Normal is an idealistic standard. Normal doesn't actually exist. Normal is a catastrophe that has secretly been dividing us all into negatively judgmental categories. Nobody is somebody and normal is nobody but everybody is normal. It has become perfect; normal... Perfect is possible if you believe that you're not normal and that you are the most important person in the entire world... If you value yourself then you can truly value other people...

Writing a book... You need to be different. Go out on a limb. Take a risk. You are a creator. We are all unique. Nobody is the exact same thing as somebody (not me though). Similarities are obviously what common grounds deem to be considered normal. In order to write a book you must be special. I believe that we are all special. (This is all about how to write a book.)

Write. Write. Write. If you don't write; you're wrong! Go with it! It is your belief. Write down your intentions and keep a running planner that you physically write (pen and paper) ideas as they arise while you're writing this book. Get lost! Get completely lost in your book until you go into what I call "word madness". Take a step back and let nature take its course. Time will present answers to your questions and the process will reveal unforeseen outcomes.

Do not doubt yourself vicariously through your social surroundings (normal folk). Such as your spouse belittling you or your families nay-sayings. This book is your personal bounty and it means the world to you. Other people may not understand such passion; don't waste your time arguing such merits. Just write the book.

Get a second opinion. Find a trusted friend or someone of such respect to validate your progress. Remember that there is a reason why writers often become mad (in movies). Delusions from writing are a real thing and it's imperative to stay in tune with your sanity. Know the difference! We often are creating fantasies and making up fictional stories. Stay on the brink of insanity while remaining here on planet Earth. (reality)

I am Ironic Zinc. I am writing a book and I have been developing through my writing process. I believe in my book. I will not settle for anything less than my personal best. Patiently, I am allowing nature to be my guide. There are times when I feel insecure and self-doubt hinders my belief. I accept feelings such as these. Then they pass and I am presented with moments of clarity. Only for days to change my moods and life always to remain. I am always who I am. Whatever that may be... I write... I write... I write... (wrong)

How to write a book

By: (The Poet) Ironic Zinc