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How To Post An Image To Your Poem

by Indiana Shaw

1) Well, first one has to be a Premium member at the least, second, it is a case of working backwards by doing the image part before the poem, that comes after you have uploaded and selected your image.

2) It is best to have uploaded picture you are using for your poem first, to your computer

3) This picture has to been taken by yourself or be a copyright-free photo, vector or video as it stands for all

4) Within the upload portion of there are sites pixabay,com or splash,com where you may choose a picture of your own choice, but; I may add neither need to be used for finding images as long as the picture you do use is free to use . . .

5) Now the real art to uploading a picture is not quite what it seems, first, when submitting a poem for the sections that relate to the poem itself, eg: Poem Title, Form, and, content. but; all is in reverse, go straight down and unload your photo/ or vector from your computer so it becomes available on Poetrysoup itself, it usually shows up under the box where you would upload your images or select your images.

6) Once this done press on the little square image on the menus, looks like 2 peaks mountains and a black sunspot, on pressing this you should find the image you uploaded onto Poetrysoup with a URL; underneath that relates to the photo, after making sure the image is the correct one, and whether you want this picture to be your profile image or poem image, copy and paste this link, by pressing that square little mountains box again and paste the URL: into the URL: box as requested and press ok.

7) Once you see your image fully in the box, then and only then do you then add the title of the poem, the form and the content of the poem, then, it is as adding a poem as normal by filling out categories, ticking the terms button and hopefully you will get your poem up with the image . . .

8) The rest is up to practice, eg: centering a picture to sit nicely above your center poem . . .

9) If all fails, try and try again, it is all in there somewhere . . . : )

Indiana Shaw <--- A person of little learning, but: tries . . . ; )