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How I Write My Poems

by without diving in

There are a number of steps to go through when making a poem, and a certain lifestyle inhibits deeper writing and more meaning imbetween the lines. For example, in my poem "RIP LOVE, MIND AND SOUL" I end with " Targeted, but not killed by the archer" which is one of my more simple devices, simply meaning that the persona is always on edge and has a perpetual sense of impeding death, like an archer continually shooting at you but missing, at a point you would just want it to end, one way or another. Things this certain way of life include are listening/ playing an instrument, this really brings emotions deep inside out and allows them to be written about. A lot of thought about what you want to write on may help, lets say you just broke up with your girlfriend, thinking about it refines your emotion in a sense and allows you to turn it into words. These are the two main things i do to help my poetry come better, and it doesnt really interfere with my social life or my academics (im 15).

Once you can feel your emotion burning, writhing inside, creating pressure, bursting, you can start with these steps: 

  1. Think of a rhythm in your head, perhaps one from a song you know or something you made up, if you adhere to this tune throughout the poem then it will flow smoothly (I sometimes have trouble with this one :D)
  2. Think the first one or two lines through in your head over and over in your head, changing it slightly till you like what you get, pay attention to the wording as it sets the tone for the rest of the poem
  3. Write with the rhythm and the first two lines fresh in your mind and keep going, remember to keep that emotion in you burning as it will be transferred to your reader (at least from feedback from my friends!)
  4. Don't worry about rhyming too much, its not really that necessary, but if you are a lyrical person it might come naturally, and even still, you can go over your poems as many times as you want ( Fun fact !: I always post my 1st draft unless i really feel that my modifications made so much of a difference
  5. Keep whatever you are writing about fresh in your head so you don't go off track, and remember that your poetry is you, channel your emotions to the world through words, you are translating your heart for people to see.

These are the things I do to write my poetry, i don't really focus on orthodox stuff, i just dive inside and put whatever i get on the table for people to see, i don't take poetry that serious but I aim to make 2 poems per month

If you stayed to this point thank you very much. Please comment your opinions and how you make your poems, i love to read what you have to say and will always reply, follow me as well if you like!!













Note that everything in this article is my personal opinion on what works best and by no means is any sort of impostion of my ideation or correction on how poetry should be written.