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Hindi Poems - The Real Words with True Feelings

by Dave Warner
The words of poems are just amazing creation of the Poets to sing with. Poems are means of express the feeling by words. When feelings are put in the words, it just become a beautiful and heart touching for every one. Generally poems written in Hindi, Urdu and French are well known among the people. But the Hindi is a beautiful language which can make the best creation one have seen ever. As being in India, One should feel proud to have this unique language and unique culture.

As the native language of India is Hindi, the world's best poets in India created the most excellent creation in Hindi. When we talking about India lots of things come to our mind that is music, Indian tradition, dance, variety of dressing according to different region, food etc. But the most unforgettable thing about India is the Indian poetry. Hindi poems are the integral part of Indian culture. There are variety of poems are there such as true love poem are full of passion. Romantic poems are just erotic to listen. The poems full of sorrow is heart touching that it can make you cry. Love poetry can make any one to fall in love with that person from whom the poets are received.  The person felled in love makes use of poems to remember his/ her love. The poem is a way to bought alive the words by expressing the heart touching feelings.

The sophisticated culture of India resembles in the Indian poetry creation. India is having the long history in its literature. It was in 11th century when the first poem created. Hindi literature and poems are the vast area to dig in.  A good number of literacy figure of the Hindi literatures have been the best at their work to delivers the people the best. We can call then the Hindi guru, as they were the distinguished Hindi poets, penned with lots of poetries and novels. There are many  legends of the Hindi literatures like Mr. Narendra Sharma,  Mr. Harivanshray Bachchan,  Mr. Nagarjun, Mahadevi Verma, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, Maithali Sharan Gupta etc.

The most famous singer Lata Mangeshkar resembles the Hindi poets of the Indian history like Mr. Narendra Sharma . His Hindi poems made the Lata Mangeshkar the world famous. He stood behind her like a father in her early career life. The reason behind why you can not find the Hindi movie with out any sing is our great poets and their great poetry.

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