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Future Poets Will Soon Have No Opportunities to Invent New Rhymes

by Alemseged Sisay

The invention of a new style of rhyme in couplet, tercet, and quatrain stanzas seems impossible because of the accomplishments of past and current poets. However, remnants of rhyme combinations are remaining in overlooked strophes and lines, syllables, too.

As we could see, only 2 rhymes possibilities are available (AA or AB) in couplets; in tercets, five combinations are available (AAA, AAB, ABB, ABA, ABC); and in quatrain 15 rhyme possibilities are available but used in many poetic styles. Therefore the future poets are chanceless to invent new rhyme patterns below the quintain (five-line stanzas) poems. Because nothing has left, all are invented. 

I searched as amusement and found some remnants of rhymes which are not registered as an invention of any poet in sestets, septet, octet (Octave), and more than that line stanzas but the possibility of getting unused rhyme patterns is so difficult. Rhyme is like a radio frequency, I mean it is a limited resource that has a finite end. A stanza that has more than 10 lines could be so boring to be read as a poem but there are hopes to find some unused rhyme sequences by deep research in it. Anyways we have 26 letters from A to Z to optimize well the unused rhymes in the future, but these are also limited.

To conclude my observation, future poets may have been not lucky or will have nothing an opportunity to invent new rhyme schemes as I gathered some information by observation from all poetry and other poetry websites. Syllables are also an obsolete limited resources one day to be said ended to have other counts in the specified line. Because daily there are inventions. Therefore I have running to have more invention of rhyme schemes as one method of searching for joy in this mortal life.  

The Following are Invented English Poetry Styles of Alemseged Sisay  up to February 01, 2022

1 - Gammo Haneka
2- Gammo Kamba
3- Gammo Sonnet
4- Gammo Leveled
5-Gammo Balta
6-Alemseged’s Simple Style
7- Alemseged’s Alphabetical Scheme Style
8-Ethiostanza Style
9-TagQuestStanza Style
10- FreeVerseRhyme Style
11-BlankVerseRhyme Style
12- 3A+B Style
13-Addis Sonnet
14- ConceitStanza Style
15- Alemseged’s Sonnet
16-Mathlab Stanza Poetry