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Finding Your Voice through poetry

by Rashida Costa

As a firm believer that everyone should live in a literate culture, I found my voice through poetry. Speculatively, early poetry in it’s time may have been through recitation or singing in remembrance of genealogy.

I often wonder what it was like to write poetry in the form of hymns, as it was done in its prime. Since, I have a love for romantic genre, I can completely relate to the idea of love songs being accounted for poetically in the early days.

Today, many poets are finding their own way of expressing themselves regardless of the poetic style they choose.

People often think it takes an individual who is intellectually knowledgeable in literature to comprehend poetry. I am here to tell you that you don’t have to be great at comprehending phonaesthetics, or sound symbolism, to have a true appreciation for poetry.

I began writing, reading and reciting poetry at the age of 7. It is almost like a new language, once you learn, it becomes a part of your nature.

In our everyday lives, we sometimes speak figuratively. Well, poetry share the same concept, an idea is expressed as a figure of speech. “The moon light dances upon the face of the earth”. Well, we know the moon is not a human life form, and that it doesn’t dance. But departing from the literal words, and thinking outside the box, you can see that this expression is another way to express that the moon shone brightly.

Make sense? Great! Now let’s read and write poetry together.


Book: Reflection on the Important Things