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Everything You Need to Learn Haiku

by Edward A. Weiss

Some people just learn better in a class environment. When it comes to learning haiku, taking a haiku class may be a great way to learn how to write this shortest of poems.

But what if you can't make it to class? Now there's another way to learn and that's online! For instance, if you were to take a haiku class online you might be exposed to a 4-week course where you get all your information and instruction from email or from a website. In the case of my own haiku class or workshop, all you need to learn the art of haiku is available online.

Here's a breakdown of what an online haiku class might look like:

Week One - Seeing the Haiku Way

It's been said that haiku is a short poem about a present moment. This week, you'll learn what haiku is (and isn't) so you can understand and get into the haiku mindset. You'll also read lots of haiku and find one poet you really like.

Week Two - Writing Descriptive Phrases

The key to writing haiku is learning not to tell your readers but show them! In fact, this is the most important skill you can learn to become a haiku poet. This week, you learn how to write descriptive present tense phrases of your own.

Week Three - Combining Fragment and Phrase for a Complete Haiku

Writing phrases is key in learning the art of haiku making. So is combining this phrase with a fragment. This week you learn how to create haiku fragments to create full haiku poems!

Week Four - I'm a Haiku Poet!

In our final week, you'll spend time creating your own original haiku poems. You'll get feedback from your instructor and other group members as well!

By looking through this course syllabus, you can see that everything you need to learn haiku is here. But how do you get help? That's where the instructor comes in. You see, each week you'll get 2 assignments you email to your instructor, who then provides feedback and insight as to how you can improve. And the best thing about all of this is that you never have to leave your house!

Learn How to Write Haiku! Let haiku poet/author Edward A. Weiss show you how to create your own beautiful haiku poems!. Visit to learn more.

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