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Essence of Poetry

by Santi BaBa

Like most of the precious things of the world poetry also can’t be defined. It is so extensive in its range and scope that this task seems to be formidable but if need be, we can say that poetry is the aesthetic and musical (rhythmical) treatment of thoughts or it would be better to set it apart by negating those which are not poetry. As such, any scribbling on a paper presented in lines is not poetry. Nor any such expression having a meter and rhyme could be said to be poetry that has a well-shaped physical form but lacks content or well-visioned idea in the main. Nor any such expression which has a certain emotional appeal rather verging on sensuality or eroticism.

Poetry is, of course, appealing and impressive because of its imaginative feature but if devoid of reality it wouldn't live long as has been the fate of millions of poems in the world. Even today, in the world of propaganda and publicity, only serious treatment of poetry proves to be commendable. Poetry written and published for the sake of fame and facade can and will not make a place in the hearts of the people. Nor will it help raise the total creative impulse of humanity which is ultimately a liberating Force.

Poetry then is a reworking on our observations as if relooking at the world in a broader perspective so that the stranded factors could well be synthesized and the universe be the universe in its true etymological sense- taken as the opposite of diverse. This synthesis is a dire need today as the world is besieged with all sorts of fragmentary advancements all around. Poetry can save the world sympathetically just by presenting real things beautifully in a universal manner where people in spite of all sorts of differentiations could find a rock-solid background of humanity, peace, and love.

So, poetry has a great task to perform but it is possible only when its creators will render sustained efforts with commitment. Working silently encompassing all the traits of the mind and the fleeting age they could create such poetry as would bring solace to the dazzled eyes and hankering hearts of the people.

As far as elements of poetry are concerned, they must be understood and worked on and during studies of good poetry they will take care of their own put one thing which must be paid attention to is leading a life open to sensitive response on the port of a creative person so that the ideas moduled by them could be authentic and fruitful to themselves and others. Progression of ideas and actual life should go in union so that the words written on paper could enlighten the readers in a genuine way.

It is good that so far. I have not defined poetry. Let it be an exploration. Let's handle it carefully- It's such a beautiful thing.

Let's befriend it.

- Narayan ji Mishra 

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Book: Shattered Sighs