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“Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow”

-Oliver Wendell Holmes

Thousands of days have passed, since someone encroached upon our trade and business and consequently upon our culture and religions. Mahatma Gandhi and other great leaders of India fought for freedom and we were blessed with a partitioned India in 1947. The encroachment is being continued upon the mind of the citizens.  It is a matter of deep concern of all the Indians. Today, the language has been disseminated across the world and we have accepted its dominance over us forcefully and respectfully. Lord Macaulay started the English medium education in India. It continued and got a place as a language on the tongues of most Indians. Although the reasons are varied like for the sake of business, education, knowledge etc. but place it acquired in our bookshelves is still encroaching and dominating other books.

However, we should flush our minds if we are eager to move ahead. It’s time to dilute our thoughts with the inclination to English. Since, English becomes the gateway as well as a prominent language to grasp knowledge and opportunities in different incarnations. Let’s understand the role of English in our life and in our success;

  1. English is a language of standard and becomes the fashion of aristocrats.
  2. This is a rich language among the world languages.
  3. It has elasticity to adjust with different situations.
  4. We are connected excellently with other countries due to this language.
  5. It has potentiality to create employment which is very much required to the people.
  6. Language of science and technology
  7. Language of administration
  8. Language of competition

CBSE, KVS and some other government and non-government institutions have noted the alarming growth of English language. It’s always been the controversy over the medium of elementary school education either in mother tongue or in English. We should welcome the initiative of CBSE of introducing ASL (Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills) in classes IX to XI and the decision of KVS to start well equipped Language Labs. These types of resolutions will certainly upgrade us in the arena of language.

Mr. P.U. Ingole

PGT (English)