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Definition of "Yalto," A Poetry Form

by Edward Ibeh

"Yalto" is a succinct, non-rhyme, imagist poetic form invented by Edward Ibeh in 2018. It can be used to paint a poetic portrait, express a complete thought, or tell a story. A trophy-shaped poem in vertical format. The 15-line poem itself flows like sand in an hourglass. It consists of 3,4,2,4,5,3,2,3,2,3,3,5,6,1,5 syllables.  Typically, this form of poetry is centered but can be formatted in various ways

It's already popular on this site, especially with poets like Emile Pinet, Kim Rodrigues, Eve Roper, and of course, yours truly. 

One of my Yalto contests:

Contest sponsored by Emile Pinet