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Creative Writing of Poetry

by Hanh Chau

I love writing poetry because it gives me the opportunity to express my own thoughts and creativity in a unique style and manner. Poetry comes in the writing styles of metaphor, dialogue, and conversation.  Poetry provides one with the ability to share his or her own thoughts and feelings through writing.

Creative poetry can be developed with the five different senses of hearing, seeing, tasting, touching, and feeling. The more concrete and vivid descriptives can be added into the expression of poetry form as it will enrich the reading.

The ability to write well is considered a gifted talent; like a painter or sculptor. I am always fascinated to learn from others and improve my own writing skills. Writing poetry could be a challenge because it requires the effort of personal thought and the process of getting words out of mind and onto paper. This can take up to some time to do.

It is highly recommended to take a break to allow our mind to refresh itself before picking up where we left have off.

Writing poetry is just like anything that comes with the self-discipline of practicing, editing and revising to help polish up our final piece of artwork into a flawless one.

I truly enjoy writing poetry and it never ceases to amaze me how it can bring a different perspective than one's own observation. So, I applaud those who bring their talents and artwork to share with audiences. Bravo and I commend you.