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Creative writing: Its impact on real life situations

by Jillani Birech

Not sure yet how to handle straight fully a topic that I thought about thoroughly and deeply, yet still watching calmly the situation as it is happening in front of me; I am just staring and contemplating simultaneously, hopefully hoping something suddenly happens to me, then my mind goes back directly to the topic I am about to talk about. It is the creative writing topic which we are very far away from nowadays.

Yes, the topic of creative writing and the reality of this world triggered me enthusiastically this morning. Not yet sure, still feeling frustrated, how to discuss fully and wholeheartedly such a broad topic, from which most people nowadays are far away, as if trying to neglect its significant influence in today's societies, and its impact on the real life problems and their realistic solutions, as if trying to forget its Benefit in analytically describing everyday situations and giving thorough solutions to such life obstacles whether psychologically or philosophically. Yet we as creative Writing supporters should make such a mission crystal clear as long as it is ours.

First of all, I am taking you quietly to that area where the creative writing has an amazingly deep effect. I am talking about the first zone affected psychologically and philosophically. It is the individual whose first business is to write creatively, hoping to depict realistically what is going around, whatever a problem in the society where they live. It is who immersed himself or herself in the daily obstacles and problems, hopefully thinking they would do something for their society through the creative writing, yes through the creative writing. Above all, it is through the bridge of creative writing the individual happily relieves their mind whether in a psychological way or a philosophical one. What interests that they get such a relief from creatively describing their society problems and simultaneously finding some ways to get out of them, using just the weapon of their pen and mind. It is that way how creative writing affects who enthusiastically writes creatively.

Now let's move far away from what we have been saying above to stop at the second zone where the creative writing plays a significant role and have a great influence; it is the reader zone, or let's say the society, and how they intelligently use such creative writing. To be crystal clear, it is through wholeheartedly reading the creative writing the society, no matter what its problems are, could fully grasp the situation they live in, the problems they are encountering, and could also easily get out of them whatever hard they are. It is because the creative writer does not just focus on depicting deeply their society's problems and context, but also fully spots light on the aspect of getting out of the situation. Yet it is the readers' business to deeply and quietly follow the words depicting the situation so that they could wholly get the picture as it is described then they just make out of all those beautifully knitted words some seriously needed solutions since they have got the picture of their context and situation in front of them. It is there where the role of creative writing lies in, and there where the readers should lie in. Once again, the creative writing has a great impact on the society. It makes their situation clearly described and definitely defined in front of them and easily their solutions found.

Plus all what has been said so far about the impact the creative writing has on both the writer and the society, let's now travel together far away watching that deeply significant interaction between those two zones, out of which comes the fruitful seeds we are tracing and attempting to gather so that we could prove such an amazingly interchanged interaction helps to get the whole picture of the creative writing. It is due to that interaction we, as readers or as writers, could say that the creative helps provoke the reader's mind to think seriously about the reason why the creative texts come out to see the light. It is not out of sudden thinking, it is because the writer is living such a reality of their society, thus they find themselves in a situation where they should deeply depict it in detail. Plus, they should use those carefully chosen words to make the reader feel realistically the reality of the society, focusing on different aspects, whether political aspects, economical aspects, or social ones. That's where the writer should be good at.

Last but not least, after going through the different zones where the creative writing fits in, I would like to say that the creative writing should be given a special thought as long as it plays a significant role in different zones, whether in the writer zone, the reader zone or the interaction zone. All in all, the creative writing helps us to fully grasp the daily situation we live in, as well as to completely find solutions to it. If not, it is a relief for both the reader and the writer.

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