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Considering Self-Publishing & The Reason I Write Poetry

by Louis Borgo

Considering self-publishing and the reason I write poetry

By Louis Borgo

Why am I Consideration Self-Publishing?  I have been a poet for about seven or eight years. But only publish for about five. I have been on a number of different sites to build my credibility, understanding, apprehension of poetry. I came to poetry soup where I knew nothing about poetry learning how to correctional write poetry learn about punctuation and grammar and through those comment I went to college to further understand literature and other credentials to further my knowledge of poetry. And when I was in school more and more I would found myself written then focus on today lesson. It was in till I was about to graduation my counselor said “It’s easier to write about topics you like rather than topics you have to be force to write about”. That’s when I thought and I looked at all my material I had enough for a book and before I gave up my passion and try 9 to 5 I thought to publish first. By going to school without  even noticing  I had learn to market and advertise my work as well as improve my grammar and punctuation everything I intent it to learn from school and more. The last decision when it came to publishing traditionally or try self-publishing  was I had market it to the correct targeting audience and by joining poetry soup and other site would I have reach a larger audience if I try the traditionally way?


The reason I write poetry

Is because, now a day young people are not interesting in reading a text book. I know I was not, where you have poetry and it is so many ways to interrupted and found meaning as well as concept when it comes to poetry one reason I write poetry.

The second is I have learning disabilities and I had spoken to a fellow poet on another site and told her I had dyslexia she said she did as well and that ” I was a head of my time and to keep written and god has a plan for everything ” Well I don’t know if that is true I turn on the TV about people with learning disabilities and minority and I remember watching CNN and political analyst saying “It’s not there place to help people out poverty that people in poverty should found was to reach out to there politicians and other local governments and it was a chain command before evening things chance”. When you look at unemployment benefits yes they were cut off but did any one protest or even try to reach a union to found common ground. There are 1.3 to 1.5 million that is kick off there benefits is it truly our fault for not speaking out. And that is why my poem is about Love, enlightenment and spiritual welfare to open discussion about a number of topics. And some cases give inspiration, my ideas might not be popular and might even creation controversial and I remember what an artist name Lauryn Hill once said during a song call “Adam Live In Theory”. ” fantasy is what people want but reality is what they need and I just retire from the fantasy part” and that what I base my poetry around.

The Third reason I write is for diversity and understanding of different cultures I was reading in college about how painting start in the Tang dynasty and end it with Ming dynasty where an artist name Shen Zhou (1427–1509) who was influence by the Yuan draw a land scape of some mountains and lakes people from the other side of world assume that there atmosphere and the land scalping was the same and it complete chance the world and views of people culture’s. Furthermore something else inspirited me and I realize sometime in life not everything is about money and karma sometime has it way to come back to you. And also I learn from different cultures and that it is inspiration all around us. I also learn something different from other poets all across the world about their culture that was never told in school as well? Then I question that is this the reason for poets and communities such as poetry soup. Being a minority people may not understand why I receive or interaction with other as I do. Or what is my prospective of love or any other conjunctions I belief poetry is away to open up discussion on not only what is political correct but things that need to be address for humanity sake and poetry is what gave me that voice. I know there some that disagree with my poems but I have sequels to some of them that give more information on my agenda and prospective of life so if I have no won you over yet and have not received a thumps up hopefully I will in the near future.

Finally on this site these are some of my material when place in chronological order it tell a story that I belief give insight of how a young male minority may view the world growing from a teenage to a young man. I hope when a release date is giving some of the fellow Poetry Souper come will come support the book I spend five straight years on it thank you and thank you for reading my article I will keep you post it. And one last thing for every poet that has every comment on my poems I will read three of theirs as I am on multiple site and I support poetry in all ways that I can. “I lay with a pen but I lay with a sword” and “A poet and still running”.