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Benefits Of Online Writing

by Brother Kevin Ouma

The internet has turned into a gold mine. Prior to this time, the benefits of the online space were underestimated, but they have recently been embraced as it has created more employment opportunities. With this knowledge, the traditional system of sitting in the office is no longer dominant, as many organizations are turning to the internet for a variety of things ranging from sourcing for employees, and online CV submission, to online interviews and meetings. This emerging trend has presented online writing as a critical employment opportunity for talented writers. Some advantages of online writing are listed below.

1) Ability to Make Money

Online writing is one of the easiest and quickest ways to earn money legally. One is compensated for writing for others online. There is no limit to what can be written online as long as the task is completed correctly. It is possible to get more than one writing job in a day, depending on one's level of creativity.

There is no doubt that online writing can make a lot of money depending on who does the writing. What is to be written also influences how much you are paid as a writer. To put it another way, earning is relative.

2) Availability of job.

There are thousands of platforms where freelance writers can promote their services. Because of an increase in the number of clients looking for people to assist them in getting tasks completed at an affordable cost while they do other things, freelancing platforms have an adequate supply of jobs.

If the website is well-known for producing high-quality work, there will be an endless supply of jobs available all year. It is safe to say that as an online writer, you will never be out of work unless you choose not to be.

There's something for everyone. The online writing field offers a variety of jobs based on your skills, ranging from creative content writing to transcriptions.

3) Adaptability

It is not difficult to begin writing online. All you're likely to be expected to do is enroll in advanced writing classes that will expose you to the technical aspects of writing, depending on the niche you choose. Unlike other online jobs such as graphic design, transcription, programming, and so on, online writing is simple to learn as long as you're familiar with the present tense. If you were a student, writing compositions was probably part of the curriculum, so you've had plenty of practice arranging your thoughts and making sense with grammatical errors. Therefore anyone with literacy can adapt and work.

4) Reliability in payment

Finding a job is important, but finding a job that pays well is even better. The payment for online is made after the task is completed and the standards are met. As a result, it is a dependable source of income. It is not enough to be aware of the advantages of online writing. Knowing the difficulties will allow you to make an informed decision about whether or not to become an online writer. Because of the growing number of online scammers, many people are wary of taking on online jobs for fear of not being paid. The situation is different in the case of online writing. With so many freelance platforms available, the policies are robust enough to keep scammers at bay. These policies have also improved payment reliability.

5) No need for papers

To become an online writer, you do not need anyone to induct you as a writer and present you with a certificate. All you need to do is set up an account and begin your writing career. In fact, no educational institution offers online writing as a course. So you don't have to be a graduate to take on this job. As a result, no certifications are required to begin writing online. A special qualification is not required for an online writer. However, in order to gain more exposure, it is necessary to begin writing training along the way. This is necessary in order for you to stand out in a crowded field.

6) Convenience of time and place

Online writing is one of the jobs that allow people to work from anywhere in the world. One can write from the convenience of their own home. Nobody cares if you do it in bed, on the field, or while traveling. This flexibility allows one to spend enough time with loved ones, which is not possible in office jobs.

Furthermore, you are working for yourself by accepting contract work from multiple clients and getting paid without being committed to any of them. You choose which jobs to do and when to do them. When you work is determined by your schedule. You have the freedom to manage your time and participate in other activities on the side. What matters is that deadlines are met.


Overall, online writing is a lifeline for many unemployed Kenyans, but it is only temporary. It is a company that pays well for hard work. As you begin your journey, keep the future in mind and prepare for it by working hard and saving for alternative investments.