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Be a Poet

by Jun Abines

Life in itself is a poem. It has a beginning and an ending. Some are beautiful, some are not. Some are harmonic some are disarrayed. Some are worth telling, some are best kept secret. Some are exciting, some are boring. Each of us is making our own poem each day. Some lines are full of joy, some sadness. Some are full of love, some hatred. When life ends, the public can decide if such life is worth telling so the next generation can appreciate its beauty or lessons. That's why we have real life heroes and villains in history.

If you love novels, movies or tv soap opera, it means you love poems too. Poems are expressions of the heart. Its about appreciation of life, feelings and the beauty around each of us. But many of us will say, we hate poems. Maybe because you were once forced to like or memorize poems against your will. Or maybe you have not yet read a poem that speaks the words your heart is willing to hear. But once you read a poem that speaks the desires and craving of your heart, you will discover that poetry is indeed beautiful.

Deep within your heart there is a man or woman craving to be heard, understood and loved. Deep within your heart is a message you want to tell the world what you really care about. Deep with your heart is little boy or little girl seeking soul mates who see and appreciate the world like you do. Deep within your heart is love, hatred, fear or anxiety you want to let go. All of these can never be expressed in a simple conversation, a letter, a monologue or argument. You need poetry to express them.

Listen to your heart. Understand your deepest desires. Be honest to yourself. Express what you feel. Be a child. Be yourself. Be a poet.

Book: Reflection on the Important Things