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A Brief Gerald Massey Bio

by PoetrySoup
Massey (Gerald), poet and archæologist, b. of poor parents at Tring, in Herts, 29 May, 1828. At eight years of age he was sent to a factory to earn a miserable pittance. At the age of fifteen he came to London as an errand boy, read all that came in his way, and became a Freethinker and political reformer. Inspired by the men of ’48, he started The Spirit of Freedom, ’49. It cost him five situations in eleven months. In ’53 his Ballad of Babe Christabel, with other Lyrical Poems at once gave him position as a poet of fine taste and sensibility. Mr. Massey devoted himself to the study of Egyptology, the result of which is seen in his Book of Beginnings and Natural Genesis, ’81–83, in which he shows the mythical nature of Christianity. Mr. Massey has also lectured widely on such subjects as Why Don’t God Kill the Devil? The Historical Jesus and the Mythical Christ, The Devil of Darkness in the Light of Evolution, The Coming Religion, etc. His poems are being re-published under the title My Lyrical Life.