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80+ Inspiring Research Paper Topics in 2022

by Laura Fields

When it comes to the best research paper topics, we have lots of things to discuss. After all, the topic of your research paper is truly important for your future development in your education level. One would need quite an interesting topic for themselves. After all, if you aren’t truly invested in the topic, you’d not deal very well with it. So, you’d need some research paper ideas to get you started on the right track.

Inspiring Research Paper Topics

Usually, this is quite a hard aspect of your college or university career. You’d need to do at least one research paper, maybe more. Some classes give you a list of topics to pick from. But there are other classes where the research project ideas are fully up to you.

There are various types of research papers and styles in which we can write them. We can do an argumentative or analytical, an informative or persuasive research paper, etc. In many of these scenarios, you may need some research paper writing help. Today we are going to lend you a hand in that.

How to Choose the Suitable Topic

To start with, the topic should spark your interest. This way it’d be easier to write it. Unless, of course, you are planning on getting some help from a research paper writing service. But even in this scenario, you’d do well to pick a topic that is interesting for you.

Then, you’d also need to make sure there is enough information out there to allow you to compile a top-level research paper. After all, if not enough data – not enough to be written, too. Such problems may occur in specialized specific topics or some that are just emerging. It can prove to be quite hard to write a quality research paper on a topic where the info is merely filling two pages. So, make sure to note that.

But another thing to make sure of is that the topic fits the guidelines of your professor. Check whether it’s into the range of your classwork. Thus, if you are into music class, you’d probably not win any A’s if you write about history unless, of course, it’s the history of music. This example is meant just to give you a wide view of how to proceed with your research paper based on the class you are in.

Then again, whether you’d be writing on MercuryNews, on the healthcare problems in the modern USA, or about the impact of acid rain on the architecture, you’d need to present the information according to the particular guidelines. We aren’t going to show you those here but it’s quite easy to find them either online, in your syllabus, in the info given by your teachers and professors, or in specialized textbooks.

Now, on we go to our…

List of Research Topics

  1. Analysis of the impact of a famous musician on their genre of music
  2. Evolution of rap music
  3. Impact of the “One-child” policy of China
  4. Feminism and its goals – how have they changes
  5. Analysis of the relationships between USA and North Korea
  6. Unemployment – reasons, facts, and predictions
  7. Immigration – differences between the USA and EU
  8. The impact of Black Lives Matter movement
  9. How China became an economic power
  10. Why did Brexit happen
  11. Abortion – facts, limits, healthcare implications
  12. The ethics of stem cell research
  13. Should special-needs students get special classrooms?
  14. Traditional or multicultural education
  15. Ensuring teacher competency
  16. The teachers’ needs and how are they met
  17. School violence – why, when, how
  18. Suicide among school-aged children
  19. Drug and alcohol use among students
  20. Should there be corporal punishment in schools
  21. Funding in education
  22. Pros and cons of standardized tests
  23. Impact of the Internet on the youth
  24. Medical marijuana – influence on the society
  25. Vaccination and antivaxxers – what are the trends
  26. Exercise – how much of it and how often
  27. Tobacco use – implications and effects on the society, incl. socially-important health conditions
  28. Too much information in health care – is that such a thing and what does it lead to
  29. A thought on alternative medicine
  30. An autism outbreak – why is it happening
  31. Depression – the hidden pandemic of the 21st century
  32. Obesity as a major health hazard
  33. Teen pregnancy – what are the trends and how do we lower it
  34. Is Keto diet really working?
  35. Clean needle programs – what, when, why
  36. The effect of stress on the body
  37. Ethics in marketing to children
  38. Global trends in the marketing world
  39. Ads – should they all be permitted
  40. Media limitations and predictions for the 20’s
  41. Change in the divorce rates
  42. Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide – should they be legal
  43. Juvenile punishment and what should we expect from it
  44. Government censorship – should it exist
  45. Are prison reforms working
  46. Similarities in the immigration policy of the USA and the UK
  47. Does airport security legislation make passengers feel safe?
  48. Analysis of the history of the Israelian-Palestinian conflict
  49. Why did the Roman Empire fall?
  50. Why did the USA bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
  51. What caused the Cold War?
  52. Hitler’s rise to power
  53. Effect of the Black Death on the European history
  54. The true man behind the legend for Count Dracula
  55. The American Revolutionary War
  56. What led to WW1
  57. How did the Taliban’s regain control over Afghanistan?
  58. Climate change – what happened and what is to happen
  59. Effect of oil spills on the climate
  60. How can we have more clean water
  61. What is there to say about nuclear energy
  62. Species at risk – what should we do for them
  63. Coral reefs bleaching – a worrisome effect of the global warming
  64. What are the pros and cons of ecotourism?
  65. Deforestation – the current trends
  66. What does alternative energy offer?
  67. What causes the greenhouse effect?
  68. How can we reduce pollution?
  69. Should we punish drug users or treat them
  70. Should drugs be legalized
  71. What does it mean to be a global citizen?
  72. Is today’s society better than the previous generation?
  73. What role does religion play in our society?
  74. Freud’s effect on the development of modern psychology
  75. Foundations of psychology
  76. How do we define “normal” in terms of psychological well-being?
  77. Psychotherapy in mental disorders
  78. Analysis of The Divine Comedy
  79. English literature in past, present, and future
  80. Shakespeare – controversies
  81. What message does Shelley relay through Frankenstein?
  82. British literature and its effect on the world
  83. The growth of the Scandinavian crime writer’s popularity
  84. The contribution of Dickens to the literary world
  85. Harry Potter – a phenomenon that is still all over the world


Here we conclude with a simple note – don’t be afraid to go after a topic that is quite unfamiliar to you. After all, this is going to be a magnificent time to learn something new and exciting. Sure, you’d be playing it safer if you pick something that you know a lot about. But even in that case research is key to writing a top-level research paper. Always remember to write in your own words and to provide proper citations and references. Don’t be scared to embark on a novel direction in your paper. Take the data available, analyze it, then see where is it leading you to.

Keep in mind, research papers aren’t the easiest thing to write. You may need to turn to someone for help and you may find that quite beneficial. Just remember to do your best and look into the topics from any angle. This is going to give you a nice foundation on which you can build your research paper. So, we wish you smooth sailing in the world of academia and we hope we were helpful with our list of research paper topics.