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5 Points on the History of Indian English Poetry

by Anuradha sowmyanarayanan
  1. 1. India in fact has a long tradition of arts and poetry for ages. Colonialism gave a new language, English for the expression of Indians.
  2. 2. The period from 1850 to 1900 is the imitative phase when the Indian poets were romantic poets in the Indian garb
  3. The period from 1900 to 1947 is the assimilative period when the Indian poets still romantic tried to assimilate romanticism.
  4. Actually, one can recognize 3 types of Writers in India.
  5. The so-called traditional, who have not been influenced by the west, whose works are replete with literary, religious, and romantic references to the past; the second group whose members, having learned English as a mother tongue, feel in a sense alienated from those writers who scorn them as fawners of the west; and the third group which uses contemporary techniques and themes in the regional languages.

Book: Reflection on the Important Things