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4 Writing Exercises Inspired by Nature

by Tameko Barnette

Life is not without its inspiration.  While it may seem like as poets, we are at a wall with no ideas in graffiti.  We can draw upon just about anything around us.  This isn't a new way of looking at the poetry writing experience, it's four writing exercises that will produce some poetry for your ever-increasing collection.

  1. Write about a time during Autumn with the leaves on the ground changing colors and the weather changes that was life-changing for you in the style of an Ode, Prose, or Prose Poem.
  2. Write a poem inspired by Summertime:  a favorite vacation spot or a memorable day for better or for worse in the style of a Limerick or Diamante.
  3. Write a poem about a time during the Spring comparing your teen self to your adult self - both during the same season.  Write it in the style of a List Poem or a Bio poem.
  4. Write about a time during the holiday season whether you celebrate the holidays or not about a time that started out lonely but got better as the day, evening, or weekend went along.  Write it in the style of a Free Verse or a Rhyme.

Enjoy these writing exercises inspired by nature.  Perhaps, they will inspire more ideas not expressed here.  Keep writing!