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Antwone Fisher Biography | Poet

Photo of Antwone Fisher

The Debut of Antwone Fisher

Antwone Fisher has had a very interesting career. He's been prolific in the film industry as well as in the publishing industry, and those are only the jobs that made him famous. He was born on the third of August in 1959, specifically in Cleveland, Ohio. His first collection of poetry, Who Will Cry for the Little Boy?, and his book A Boy Should Know How to Tie a Tie: And Other Lessons for Succeeding in Life have helped him stay in the public consciousness.

The Unique Education of Antwone Fisher

To put it mildly, Antwone Fisher did not have a stable childhood. The emotional problems that he developed as a result of his unstable and abusive background manifested themselves in the form of a lot of personal issues. He ended up in the George Junior Republic School, a reform school for boys. He joined the United States Navy from there.

Indeed, Antwone Fisher has minimal formal education, but people would never know it, given the quality of the writing that he can produce. Poets often tend to either be highly educated people who really made use of their education, or people who have a great deal of completely natural talent that they were able to really put into practice. People in the latter category often draw from dramatic experiences.

Antwone Fisher's People and Antwone Fisher's Work

Few people have a back story as dramatic as Antwone Fisher's. He was actually born in prison to an impoverished and incarcerated single mother. He spent his childhood in the foster care system. Some of his foster families were abusive.

Antwone Fisher very likely would have been homeless if he hadn't joined the United States Navy. He was part of the United States Navy for eleven years. His friendship with Lt. Commander Williams, who was a psychiatrist. Antwone Fisher no doubt had a wide range of psychological problems, and being able to address them with a kind professional truly made all the difference for him.

After being in the United States Navy, Antwone Fisher went on to become a correctional officer, joining the Federal Bureau of Prisons. His work as a security guard for Sony Pictures was what finally put him in contact with the film industry, which allowed him to truly follow a different path in his own life and work. Antwone Fisher was able to reunite with his family around this time period, and from there, it was easier for him to resolve his past.

Antwone Fisher's Awards and Achievements

Antwone Fisher's screenplay for the film Antwone Fisher has more or less made his career. He managed to win Screenwriter of the Year for it, and it went onto become an acclaimed film directed by none other than Denzel Washington himself. Antwone Fisher has also managed to win two NAACP awards, the Ohiowana, the Humanatos Prize, and an honorary doctorate from Cleveland State University.

His other film credits include writing and directing This Life of Mine: The Story of Leon T. Garr and My Summer Friend, and co-writing the film ATL. People all around Sony were talking about his screenplay for Antwone Fisher, however, when it was in its early stages. In Hollywood, he is known for this film specifically.

Antwone Fisher has established himself as a versatile writer. His book of poetry, Who Will Cry for the Little Boy?, is all about his experiences with abuse, and manages to capture his traumatic childhood perfectly. A Boy Should Know How to Tie a Tie: And Other Lessons for Succeeding in Life was a popular book, but Who Will Cry for the Little Boy had an unmatched poignancy.

Antwone Fisher in the Future

Antwone Fisher is going to be known for the raw honesty of his work and the fact that he managed to depict a side of American culture that people just don't see often enough. People like him often fall through the cracks of American society. Fortunately, through a combination of talent and good luck, this has not happened to Antwone Fisher. In a culture where many men feel the need to hold back about their painful memories, Antwone Fisher's work is open and wears its deep emotions on its sleeve. 

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