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Anne Brontë (January 17, 1820 – May 28, 1849) was a British novelist and poet, the youngest of the Brontë literary family.

She was born in the village of Thornton, Yorkshire, England, the last of six siblings. Anne's mother, Maria Branwell Brontë, died of cancer a year later in 1821, after the family had moved to Haworth where her father, Patrick Brontë, was appointed perpetual curate. While she was a child her two eldest siblings, Maria and Elizabeth died of tuberculosis and much has been written about the influence of these deaths on her and her siblings and how it may have affected their later writings. Two of her sisters, Charlotte and Emily, were also authors and poets. Anne's poetry was published, along with that of her sisters, in 1846, under the pseudonym "Acton Bell".

Shortly after the deaths of her brother Branwell and sister Emily in the winter of 1848, Anne Brontë died at the seaside resort of Scarborough, England, where she had gone to convalesce after a prolonged illness. She was buried there at Saint Mary's Churchyard.

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