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Mama Bear That's Me

One brave senior girl with empathy walked out of class

With my sophomore daughter,

She had actually brought her

Home, in the middle of the

Day. My daughter was

Sobbing. The unknown senior girl was

Indignant, and angry, and ready to tell

Me how horrible the teacher was to my baby.

Apparently a teacher

Had lambasted my baby

In class, put her down, called

Her names. A teacher paid by

My tax dollars. I was infuriated.

As I heard my daughter sob-heaving,

I was even more furious. I had to send my

Husband to school eventually, as I was soon

To use some mighty angry highly mean words

On this “teacher”.

Being psychic, I knew the woman was

Lying the second she started speaking.

I detested her already, and for her to

Call to tell me “my side of the story”

Was to poke a sharp stick at a

Mama bear.

I jumped up and down on my bed like

A raging lunatic as the woman tried

To tell me her side of the story.

My daughter had quit sobbing, probably to listen.

I caught a glimpse of myself every other hop

As I reflected onto the mirror opposite my bed.

I looked like an angry elf, on speed.

And I felt like one too.

I ended up maturely hanging up on the

Teacher. My husband had to go to school

With our daughter. He reported upon his

Return that the teacher saw him and walked

Back out of the room.

“She probably thought you would tear

Her apart,” I told my husband. “You know how

You intimidate people,” telling myself that he

Would have been even more mean than I had been,

Knowing it was not possible.

This was over thirty years ago, and my daughter

Still bursts out laughing when she remembers

Her mother jumping up and down on the bed

Yelling mean angry things to her teacher.

Lesson learned? Not really.


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  1. Date: 2/17/2019 2:40:00 AM
    She deserved it. To belittle children is just cold. I remember how it was when I was parochial school in the 1960's. The days when you sat in a corner in front of the class so, everyone would see you and kids would pick at you when class was over. It was humiliating.