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Get Your Children's Hearing and Vision Tested Please

I have a friend who is an audiologist.

She tells me of a four-year-old child who had a roach living in its ear

Until it died, and just stayed there.

He had gotten used to the pain, it was his normal.

He could not speak well, because he could not hear well.

His words were a jumbled mess. He had to unlearn the incorrect way

Before he could speak correctly, and he still had trouble being understood.

People thought there was something wrong with him, and there was.

I have another friend who is an eye doctor.

She tells me of children who could not see until they were eight.

They had lost three years of school by the time it was realized.

They think all children see in a fuzzy haze, it is their normal.

The far-sighted ones could see better when the teacher was up front,

But could not see the lines on their paper.

The near-sighted ones could not see anything on a board up front.

Some had such poor eyesight, they were perpetually not seeing much at all.

So sad that many children think they are not smart,

Simply because they cannot hear or see.

It is something that can readily be fixed, but a hearing check and a vision check must be done.

Every single child should have this by age three, every single one.


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  1. Date: 2/27/2019 3:29:00 AM
    That is great advice Caren, for all parents, its so easy to miss thinking it is something else. Tom.