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Best Poems Written by Allison Shao

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Morning Glory

It's when the animals come out to play.
When the night begins to fade away.
The sun rise colors all pink and red.
When people just start to get out of bed.

Many shun the morning light.
Glaring at them oh so bright.
Please oh please just give it a chance,
And not look at it if you were to throw a lance.

So get up early night owls,
You may wear you blanket like a cowl.
Just this once you will see,
The sun glittering like a golden key.

With colors painted across the sky,
And little birds beginning to fly.
It tells it self like a story.
The beautiful morning glory.

Copyright © Allison Shao | Year Posted 2017

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The Great War

I am a storyteller
Yet I cannot see very well
For my eyes betray me 
With images of no man's land
For I am no veteran 
As I have not seen what they have 
Yet it's as if I've been there
Every step of the way
For my ears ring with shell shock 
And my feet drag with mud
For which I hope 
To you all
That none of you follow me 
Through this Great War

Copyright © Allison Shao | Year Posted 2017

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Lover Boy

Sitting on the swing one day
I saw him there alone
That old guitar in his hands
Just playing the same old tune

About how time passes by him
And never seems to stop
Just waiting for his love to come along

Oh lover boy how I wish that you would know
That love was right behind you 
If you'd just turn and see

That girl with a flower
And blush across her cheeks
With that you'd smile to her and say
That it was meant to be

Copyright © Allison Shao | Year Posted 2017