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Best Poems Written by Alibaba Saito

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My Wife

I remember ..
We were young when we met
We met in Prague
We slept in eiffel tower in Paris
We crossed the sea 
We travelled all around
Do you remember?
Don't give me that look 
Don't say NO I DON'T
I know you do
I know I did many things wrong
I know I did you wrong
You know that I am Sorry
And I know that you still care
You are my wife
I am glad you are
I hope you forgive me
You were always right
What was I thinking
Arguing with you
Over silly things
That now I don't remember
You taught me a lesson
That women are always right
And me as a man
I should listen more, Try to understand 
And keep my mouth shut

Copyright © AliBaba Saito | Year Posted 2019

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Spring is the start

Do you like spring? Can you feel the wind? Can you see the green trees, the flowers, the blue sky, the yellow sun? Do you smell the scent that carry the sweet memories, the memories of your child hood, the memories of your first love.

You start remembering and you keep smiling. You wish if you were a little younger, you wish if you go back on time. You wish if you can change the past. You want to push the blocks which created the wall that separate your past from your present.

You just push the wall, you try to break it. But you can't. Then you see your future coming by so quickly and your present becomes the past. You race with your future trying to keep up but you are losing. You start putting the blocks together trying to build a wall that would disconnect your present from your future.

You only have two hands, the future is so big. you hurry up you keep putting blocks together but you don't succeed. Then strong winds come around and damage what you have built, you feel down for a second but then you feel April wind breeze on your face and you feel peace with your self. You put the block back down and move on.

You walk towards your future and hoping everything will be alright.

Copyright © AliBaba Saito | Year Posted 2019

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Old Young Boy

I look at the mirror
I see an old man.
With wrinkles all around.
With a silver hair.
I look at the mirror
My looks suddenly change
I see a young boy 
Running around
I see a young boy
Working hard
I see a young boy
Living his life
I like the way I look
I like the fact i'm healthy
I am a handsome old man
With a young's boy heart
And I will always be

Copyright © AliBaba Saito | Year Posted 2019