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When I was young my grandpa and I would talk a lot,
Down by the lake at our favorite spot.
He would tell me stories about men of his day,
How times were hard and they had to make their own way.
And all the rich men wore fancy clothes and smoked big cigars,
They were the ones shootin’ for the stars.

I miss him more than I thought I would now that he’s gone,
But through memories and his advice to me he will live on.
He said I’m not like him or my dad,
That I’m really smart and I would be the first in the family to be a college grad.
I’m not going to be working a job like fixing cars,
One day I’ll be shootin’ for the stars.

I’ve had jobs working here and there,
They don’t pay much but I don’t care.
I’m having fun with all of my friends right now,
There’s plenty of time to accomplish my goals anyhow.
It’s okay if I spend some time hanging out in the bars,
In a little while I’ll be shootin’ for the stars.

It seems the days for going to college have passed me by,
I reflect on that with a tear in my eye.
That wasn’t a very good time in my life,
I came out of it alone with a son and no wife.
Even though I have some bruises and scars,
Soon I’ll be shootin’ for the stars.

I’m a grandpa and soon I’ll retire,
My grand plan for life just seemed to backfire.
Working construction all these years and breaking my back,
Wondering how my life got so far off track.
I thought at this age I would be sitting and writing my memoirs,
Of my success shootin’ for the stars.

My grandson and I talk a lot,
Down by the lake at our favorite spot.
I tell him he’s not like me or his dad,
That he’s really smart and he’ll be the first in the family to be a college grad.
And he won’t be working a job like fixing cars,
One day he’ll be shootin’ for the stars.

Copyright © Mark Weismantel | Year Posted 2019

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We had just started dating when you locked you keys in the car.
The window was cracked so I shoved my arm in.
I couldn’t reach the door lock since my arm is straight.
So I broke my arm in an L shape and unlocked the door.
I impressed you, so it was worth it.

We had been dating a couple weeks when I finally got the courage for our first kiss.
It was so powerful it curled my toenails.
I had to go to the podiatrist to get my toenails removed.
I had to wear special medical boots and endure pain for months.
I impressed you, so it was worth it.

One day we were walking on the nature trail in the park.
There was a snake on your side of the trail but you didn’t see it.
I pushed you out of the way and took the snake bite.
I lost half of my left calf muscle.
I impressed you, so it was worth it.

We were walking home in a bad storm when an electric line broke above.
I threw you out of the way to safety.
The electric line came down and hit my left arm.
It was only for a second but it was long enough to burn my left arm off.
I impressed you, so it was worth it.

In a store a fight broke out right next to us.
A wild punch was headed your way.
I stepped in and took the punch for you.
I had a badly broken nose that is permanently crooked.
I impressed you, so it was worth it.

After dating for six months I asked you to marry me.
You were brutally honest in your answer.
“No, I can’t marry a man with no toenails, half a calf muscle, only one arm and that one is L shaped (even after surgery), a crooked nose and lives on disability because he can’t work.”
I responded calmly and rationally to you.
You Suck!

Copyright © Mark Weismantel | Year Posted 2019

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When it came to dating I had a soul full of sorrow
But all of my friends told me to hang in there
When we met I felt you looking into my soul
My soul laid bare with all protection lost
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder
And I would wait with bated breath to see you again
I finally knew what it was like to fall head over heels
Everything’s coming up roses was my first thought of every day
As time went by our love reached new heights
I thought our love could stand against the sands of time
Then sand started to fall through the cracks
The self-doubts and thoughts that no one understands me surfaced
Your spending was also a cause for concern
You have champagne tastes and a beer budget
When we split there were words that were left unspoken
It felt like you tore out my heart that day which I’ll never forget
My heart withered like a raisin and my tears fell like rain
After all no man is an island we are much more than meets the eye
I know now that your beauty is only skin deep
But it doesn’t do any good to cry over spilled milk
My friends say time heals all wounds
I guess when all is said and done
I’m sitting here left with nothing but a soul full of sorrow

Copyright © Mark Weismantel | Year Posted 2019

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Blazing hot
Blistering my skin
Can’t tell you where I’m going
I can only tell you where I’ve been.

I’ve been in green meadows 
On a cool crisp morn
In a hospital near my wife
When our first child was born.

I’ve been to the bar with friends
To get drunk and maybe get in a fight
That’s just normal behavior
For a small town Saturday night!

I’ve been in love once or twice
Before I grew up
My favorite birthday present ever
Was a new little pup.

I’ve been to a high school dance
With my clumsy two left feet
And at that very dance
Is where my wife and I did meet.

I’ve been out on the lake
Fishing with my dad
And at that time in my life
Never appreciating all that we had.

I’ve been to boot camp
With all of the other new guys
I wonder where they are?
Or did they tell me a bunch of lies?

I’ve got to keep going
I need to fill my canteen
There’s nothing but sand everywhere
Sand and sun are all I’ve seen.

I’m so parched…I can barely move
Shap…feet are…hum fall
My arm…pur soi nop
Fop in siz…hot metal.

Pom bo…a pistol…lam bi
Tum…too weak to…

Copyright © Mark Weismantel | Year Posted 2019

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A family trip to the beach on a sunny day,
Having a friend come over to play,
Kites flying way up high, 
Brings joy to a child’s eyes.

Learning to ride a brand new bike, 
Going to a nature trail to take a hike,
A planned party or a birthday surprise,
Brings joy to a child’s eyes.

Candy canes and a Christmas tree,
Dressing up and acting like me,
Cold milk and fresh baked pies,
Brings joy to a child’s eyes.

Cowboy boots and G.I. Joes,
Anything with batteries that goes,
Watching the snow fall from the skies,
Bring joy to a child’s eyes.

Catching a big fish all on their own,
Performing a solo standing proud and alone,
Unwrapping presents to see what’s inside,
Brings joy to a child’s eyes.

Mom reading a book before bed,
Or helping at bath time by washing their head,
Theme parks with characters and rides,
Brings joy to a child’s eyes.

Getting a kiss from the dog they love,
Putting on a new baseball glove, 
Hamburgers, hot dogs and French fries,
Bings joy to a child’s eyes.

Going to the circus to see the animal acts,
Getting soda and cotton candy to watch the acrobats,
Getting close to a bird before it flies,
Brings joy to a child’s eyes.

Knowing you’ve been loved your whole life,
Admiring your father for how he treated his wife,
Being proud of how your parents lived their lives,
Brings joy to child’s eyes.

Copyright © Mark Weismantel | Year Posted 2019

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If I had a million stars shining ever so bright,
And threw in Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars.
It still wouldn’t equal the light,
Your smile creates in my heart.

If I sailed all the oceans of blue,
In search of something more magnificent.
Nothing could compare to you,
The color and depth of your eyes are truly translucent.

If I traveled around the planet,
And saw the eight wonders of the world.
I’d know your beauty has no limit,
As it takes my breath while its slowly unfurled.

If I had all the money,
And material things it can provide.
It could not satisfy as amply, 
As the happiness I feel inside.

Copyright © Mark Weismantel | Year Posted 2019

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He’s never quite lived up to his name of Mighty Jack,
Always falling short of first place on the big oval track.
Jockey Joe would be his rider that day, 
Who wasn’t thrilled but he needed the pay.
When they all lined up out on the course, 
You could see Jockey Joe talking to the horse.
Mighty Jack responded and perked up his ears,
And a look in his eye of determination and not of fear.
The bell rang and they all took off,
The dust and dirt flying up made Jockey Joe cough.
Half way through they came around the bend,
The crowd stood on their feet and wondered if Mighty Jack would fall behind again.
Mighty Jack pushed hard on the inside lane, 
He had nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Faster and faster the horses did fly,
The look of determination was still in Mighty Jack’s eye.
Jockey Joe used his crop to give him a whack,
To let him know that there was no falling back.
This was the home stretch and it was all or nothing,
Jockey Joe could feel his heart is his chest pumping.
As they approached the finish another horse lead by a head,
Mighty Jack didn’t slow down but put on a burst of speed instead.
He won the race and the crowd jumped up and down,
And the news of Mighty Jack’s win quickly made it around town.
“This is the fastest horse I’ve ever ridden” Jockey Joe shouted out loud,
In the winner’s circle Mighty Jack stood tall with his head held proud. 
They laid the roses across his neck with care,
And Mighty Jack wore them like they always should have been there.
As the trainers walked him back to the stable,
He had confirmed to his owner he was more than capable.

Copyright © Mark Weismantel | Year Posted 2019

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The alarm clock sounds beside the bed,
It slowly penetrates into daddy’s head.

He looks at the clock and jumps up with a jerk,
It was the snooze alarm and he’s late for work.

He showered and did his normal routine,
No time, though, for the morning cuisine.

Can’t stop to kiss the wife and the kids,
He jumps into his car and takes off with a whiz.

The traffic this morning seems so slow,
They need to move – he’s got to go!

Daddy decides it’s time to pass,
So he pulls to the left and steps on the gas.

He’s moving ahead, he’s almost there,
When suddenly a truck appears from nowhere.

Later that evening when mommy is with the kids,
She tries to prepare dinner with her life on the skids.

Mommy! Mommy! When is daddy gonna get here?
She chokes on her answer as she sheds a tear.

Daddy was hurt this morning, but he’s alright,
Only from now on he’ll be out of sight.

Why won’t we see him any more?
When every night he walks through the door?

Mommy cries and tries to talk to them,
About all the fun things they did with him.

As it turned out there weren’t that many,
If it wasn’t for mommy insisting there might not have been any.

You see, daddy was a good man and provided for them all,
But between himself and his family he built a wall.

There were so many things to do that he would call ‘stuff’,
The time left for his family wasn’t nearly enough.

Now that he’s gone will he really be missed?
The good times they shared is a very short list.

The plates on the dinner table are still set for four,
But daddy won’t be eating with them any more.

Copyright © Mark Weismantel | Year Posted 2019

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Touching so softly
Feeling the warm heart inside
Whispers of passion
Building on the foundation
Moments can last a lifetime

Copyright © Mark Weismantel | Year Posted 2019

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There is a small town in an out of the way place named Brownsville,
Exhibiting beautiful seasonal trees and a stream with crystal clear water flowing into a mill.

The elders of the town are hanging up strange symbolled objects as decorations,
And bringing items to the center of town for the nights preparations.

There’s a big kettle of brew in the town square,
The children were told not to go there.

The spirits come to town every fifty years,
And the elders must prepare to meet them despite the children’s fears.

Folklore has it the men howl and grow long teeth,
And the women grow long nails that come out of a sheath.

As night fell the town grew uncomfortably quiet and still,
The silence so terrifying it was almost a shrill.

Mothers with children went to their houses to stay,
And wait out the long night for the following day.

A big bonfire raged radiantly against the night sky,
An event so warm and inviting it seemed to belie.

The elders danced around the fire shaking some kind of stick and wearing masks,
Drinking their homemade brew from special flasks.

At midnight the fog looked eerie as across the town it did roll,
As the spirits had arrived to collect more than one unlucky soul.

Coming from the fog were sounds of wailing and crying,
From those in the realm of the undying.

In the morning when it was over and the mothers had nothing to fear any more,
They went outside and were shocked to find a present for their children at their front door.

You see, only the elders know the spirit festival is for the living,
And the true meaning of the festival is the “spirit of giving”.

Those who are children in the town today,
In fifty years will be elders and their part in the festival they will play. 

Copyright © Mark Weismantel | Year Posted 2019