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Growing Old

Under the sun's bright shine, 
We sat upon that field, 
Out of the bottle we drank wine, 
Our joy would not yield, 
Music blasting as we dance, 
Holding hands, grinning faces, 
Almost in a trance, 
Now we're all in different spaces, 
It's scary growing old, 
You move onto friendships new, 
I'm left in the cold, 
The distance between us grew, 

Those times may be gone for ever, 
I may see you again never.

Copyright © D.H. Alderose | Year Posted 2019

Details | D.H. Alderose Poem


Intertwine - 
Your Body and mine, 
I forget where you end and I begin, 
Your skin on my skin, 
You said you loved me you promised, 
But you were never good at being honest, 
Such a beautiful liar, 
Set me on fire, 

Don't you know I'm good for you?
I'd rip out my heart put it on my sleeve for you?
Let the ground swallow me whole, 
For a glimpse into your soul, 
Let me love you, 
All your broken parts, 
Your lonely parts, 
Your having me laugh until I cry parts, 
Even the part that broke my heart. 
But you have won, 
I have come undone.

Copyright © D.H. Alderose | Year Posted 2019