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Worth Self Poems

These Worth Self poems are examples of Self poems about Worth. These are the best examples of Self Worth poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Self-Existent light
Platos dualism… 

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© I Am Anaya  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: self, analogy,

Self Respect
In the depths of the soul, a precious treasure lies,
A beacon of light that never truly dies.
It's the essence of strength, a flame burning bright,

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Categories: self, 12th grade,

Self Lies
Where do the lies go 
That you tell yourself 
Do they take root 
And feed upon your health
Fattening themselves 
Then like a dart 
Finding nourishment...

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Categories: character, self,

Soulful Empathy
I wish someone had told me long ago
That empathy comes with a caveat, you know
It's not all about putting yourself in their shoes
And accepting the...

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© Maya Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: self, beautiful, blessing,

I want to be able to like myself 
see what those who love me see
Still why I dwell on those who hate 
Is a constant...

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Categories: hate, self,

It would turn into a beautiful thing
You've been through a lot, I know it's true 
And I'm here to comfort and support you 
When memories come back, just breathe and let...

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© Maya Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: self, courage, endurance, forgiveness,

Your Worth

So imagine buying something super expensive… right 
And if someone comes near it 
You get super defensive… Like
hold up back up watch it 
Because it's...

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Categories: self,

Loving the good love
Be kind to yourself. Be kind to each other. Blessings, love and light. 

Loving the good love... 
By Michelle Morris

I have loved,
And I have...

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Categories: self, encouraging, happiness, light, love,

We are taught not to like ourselves,
from a young age
it is a shame to know you are beautiful,
yet beauty is in everyone,
why can't we see...

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Categories: self, beautiful, beauty, confidence, for

Scaling Mountains: The Search for Self-Worth
Today I stood upon a cloud,
The breeze gently kissed my face
And for a fleeting moment I felt proud.
I did the impossible, I set the pace


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© David Chen  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: self, angst, anxiety, endurance, growing

She Lost Her Voice Today
The constant voice
that tells me 
I’m not good enough and
life isn’t worth living 
finally made me realize—
it’s my own voice I’m hearing. 

*I wrote this...

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Categories: self, anxiety, crazy, dark, how

I am worthy
An inspirational and uplifting reminder for all of us. Everyone is worthy of dignity, respect, love and kindness. 

I am worthy
By Michelle Morris

I am worthy

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Categories: self, god, i am, inspirational,

Premium Member Ignored Self
I sat at the laptop today, over at the table
I'm usually quite competent and able
I could type and I could click
But head swirled and stomach...

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Categories: self, anxiety,

A Wise Woman
 A Wise Woman

They say a wide woman should build her house, but what about the piggish man with mannish mannerisms? He’s filled with doggie...

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Categories: self, abuse, atheist, betrayal, depression,

Rip me into a million pieces
Tear me into shreds
Then put me back together
and mold me
into what you want to see
conflictions in my mind, leads me...

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Categories: self, abuse, anti bullying, change,