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Learning HealthCare Systems

My educational system
has a diseducating problem.

How to engage young minds,
like young ideas,
easily distracted,
and potentially miseducated,
by vicarious
and often trivial entertainments.

Superficial disengagements
too much the reverse
of social capital investment
in re-educating research
fully engaged in cooperative design

Therapeutic redevelopment plans
by and for Elder EcoSystemically informed resident(s)
not so resonantly interested
committed to trivial
and vicariously entertaining
audio-visual supremacy stories

Sometimes even exalting the frustrated bully
who just wants to help me get even
against a straight white patriarchal society
letting me down,

Settling for triumphalistic voices of hate
rebelling against deeply held consumer fears
of economic disappointment,
and with anger against unknown aliens
who have surely stolen my sacred patriotic birthright

Yet, more deeply longing
for our children's health
and their children's environmental wealth,
to become more cooperatively
and responsibly win/win engaged
in dialogue

Explicitly intended to care
for the ego- and eco-health
of present and future engaged,
not merely entertained,
regenerations of health care,
of kind share,
of win/win empowered dare,
enlightening educated wellbeing fare

Outstripping current pandemic
and urgent climate of disaster denial 
by surviving senior women,
already outnumbering fragile men,
in becoming my community's mightiest
competitive Bingo players
With way more awesome learning experiences
potentially re-engaged as tutors
substitute teachers
deeply committed to essential civic hospitality
and responsible fore-gifting,
coredemptive healthy love trust,
democratically researched wealthy 
refulgently engaging truths

Rooted more,
rather than less,
in win/win cooperative 
regeneratively healthy engagement

As compared to win/lose 
evolutionary competitive models 
of dis-educational 
dissonant debate

Short-term remembered
possibly entertaining competitions
in a disengaging
riled up
rabidly viral sort of headline reading way,
not deeply win/win re-engaging

Which may also be
more techy true for young folks
mediating more resonant win/win dialogue
between their Elder novices
learning to deeply engage
in on-line worshiping stations

Speaking our loves
and passions through video phones
and zooming tablets 
for educational purposes only

And social platformed laptops
recycling win/win engaging opportunities
for restoring multigenerational dialogue
virally spreading green cooperatives

Renewing political health-gifts
enlightening resilient economic 
green research deals
for left-hemisphere fully engaged empowerment

Is also right-hemisphere
resonantly enlightening 
polyphonic brightening
multicultural joy informing 

Not necessarily superficial
or distantly vicarious
or trivially climaxing "BINGO"

More paid forward
gift economies
entertaining bicameral 
newLeft and oldRight bilateral
profoundly integrating binomial
healthy co-educational 
wealthy re-engagements.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck