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Be sure to check the pockets 
When you do the children’s clothes.
Clean the lint from the dryer 
And the washer’s discharge hose.
Check the pump in the basement 
When you get a heavy rain.
Keep an eye on the furnace, 
That old bastard’s such a pain.

Pay the gas, the electric 
And the water bills on time.
You should make it through Christmas 
If you budget every dime.
Put my fly rod, my golf clubs 
And my shotgun up for sale.
Tell that jerk-off attorney 
The check is in the mail.
I might be gone, 
But I’ll never be too far away.

There’s a window needs fixing, 
But I can’t remember which,
And that light in the kitchen, 
Have your dad replace the switch.
Keep a good sense of humor. 
Everybody understands.
Toss a salad for dinner,
Just be careful where it lands.

Lock the doors and the windows 
When it’s time to settle in.
Give my love to the children. 
Don’t regret what might’ve been.
Set your cell phone on vibrate, 
Tuck it in and hold on tight.
I’m gonna call you and call you 
And call you all night.
I might be gone, 
But I’ll never be too far away

Copyright © Michael Kalavik