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Abusive Boyfriend Poems

These Abusive Boyfriend poems are examples of Boyfriend poems about Abusive. These are the best examples of Boyfriend Abusive poems written by international poets.

A Series of Abusive Events
*Hello, i wrote and uploaded these poems in May 2018 but my account got deleted. I am uploading them all over again This poem is...

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Categories: boyfriend, abuse, anger, beautiful, betrayal,

A Series of Abusive Events
* hello, i wrote and uploaded these poems in May 2018 but soon after my account got deleted. I am uploading them all again so...

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Categories: boyfriend, abuse, anger, art, beautiful,

Hiding Behind the Mask
The day I met you
Was like music to
My ears
You were kind, gentle
An considerate
You was so loving that
You melt my heart away
One day your true colors

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Categories: betrayal, boyfriend, feelings, love,

The Normal
You told me about her and how much she meant to you, I mean your wife because just like I am a
woman enough with only...

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Categories: boyfriend, anger, anti bullying, betrayal,

It's Me, Not You
It's You, Not Me 

*this poem can be offensive and has naughty words*

It's all my fault
I put a gentle halt
I'm cold in my skin
You are...

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Categories: anxiety, beauty, betrayal, boyfriend,

Some boyfriends care
Other boyfriends don't bother
Some boyfriends hang with you
Other boyfriends forget about you
Some boyfriends take you on a date
Other boyfriends don't even call
Some boyfriends...

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Categories: boyfriend, care, care, ,

One Billion Rising
Today we rise.

No more hiding in the shadows,

of culture,

No more silent complicity,

defensive arguments,
sickening pretences,
shabby excuses,

for the actions of men,

brutal and coarse and vulgar and obscene...

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Categories: black african american, boyfriend,

Mommy Why
Molested the first fifteen years of my life. My mother remained silent the whole time. As the molesting continued all those years. Forced to live...

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Categories: boyfriend, mother daughter, mother, child,

You think you know him
But you refuse to see
The artful way he abuses me
He captivates my mind
He traps my soul
He pins my arms to my...

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Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, nostalgia, heart, heart,

The Anchor
when someone says you need to forgive someone for something
that does not mean you are saying what they did was okay
when they tell you to...

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Categories: boyfriend, confusion, depression, fear, forgiveness,

Controlling Men: Physically, Mentally, and Verbally Abusive Men
All men (the loser boyfriends/husbands) think that it's their right to be physically, mentally, and verbally abusive toward their female companions (girlfriends/wives), well they're wrong....

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Categories: depression, girlfriend-boyfriend, husband, on

Another Sad Story
Well my dearest one, I guess this is my stop.
This is the part where I run, or my heart shall drop.
I'll grab my bags, and...

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Categories: confusion, depression, girlfriend-boyfriend, loss,

By Prodigy
I implored, I fenced, I yelled
Yet I never tried to betray,
I brabbled, I was amiss, I dissed
Yet you never tried to affray,
I was insane, I...

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Categories: depression, girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love,

With Just a Look
We're all still the same dear, I still remain.
Your blood we'll spill here, it'll leave a stain.
How it breaks your heart, yet I don't care.

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Categories: depression, girlfriend-boyfriend, loss, lost

I Hate You
As you watch me, I slowly die.
Now you see, why I always lie.
So much pain, your death's bringer.
I'm driven  insane, why does sorrow linger?

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Categories: death, depression, girlfriend-boyfriend, lost

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