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A Mother's Envy and Pride

Lapis lazuli mines with wide blue eyes
bringing to mind precious stones and
caramel scones; innocent and wise -
Wondering, yet without surprise.

Staring down the universe, a challenge
in your look though you are young;
The earth made only nine revolutions 
since you came out to see the sun.

Unguarded and arched, your brows 
betray high wire tension; enough 
to light up a hundred moons and warm
plump cheeks to cherry bubble gum.

Be not impatient to grow; you smell
of open grasshopper meadows
and firefly lighted lakeshore walks.
You’re a mother’s envy and pride.

Red lips! Your passion for life exists.
Scarlet, lipstick would be a surfeit -
Today as then till many summer’s been,
your spirit will always be free as the mist.

After:  Portrait of Carol Nye  Rhoades (Robinson) (1915)

For Debbie Guzzi's Challenge: Ten Pictures, Ten Poems, Ten Days - Painting No. 2
Kim Patrice Nunez
08 January 2016

Poem of the Week:  January 10-16, 2016

Copyright © KP Nunez | Year Posted 2016

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Three Messengers

Old and ugly and well married is the visage
that I carry, and yet, there is another world
that keeps opening up its magic door.
It sends me notes and emissaries
that I could be, 
I should be much more than what I am.

The first message, that I was aware of
came to me in the high desert where 
I sat Walden-like by a pool trying to 
get back to the source, I'm told, is
within us all.

Suddenly I saw a flurry
a mile across the valley floor,
a point took flight and became
a mystic preying mantis
that picked my shoulder as a perch.

Mid day church bells rang 
at that moment and I watched
the sound reverberate
shaking bushes and trees
down the valley, scattering
birds and small animals.

Yet the mantis on my shoulder
calmly sat, cocked its head,
and in its eyes there was a question.

I replied to the mantis' query that
"I was old and ugly and well married and
I am simply not quite ready,
but keep the offer open and 
I will be ready soon."

After a month of worrying that
perhaps I had gone too far,
in refusing to go through an open door,
I summoned it again.
Right there in my backyard I heard
a flurry and found a grasshopper perched
where you had perched before.
The question in its eyes left no doubt
it again was you.

I replied that I just wanted to make sure 
that the offer you had proffered still
was mine to take.
You flew away as I explained that
"I was old and ugly and well married and
simply still not quite ready but keep the offer open,
and I'll be ready soon."

Years went by and I forgot the magic,
indeed, avoided magic.
I went to a marriage yesterday,
I sat alone, away from the others,
on a bridge, by a pond,
amongst tall pines and redwoods.
I thought again of the mystic mantis.

Suddenly you were there.
You came out of a crowd of happy guests
and crossed into my solitary space.
You touched my shoulder and my hand
and kept it there for the fastest hour.
We talked about nature and 
books we had both read,
the giant puppets you made,
and about things 
I'd never tell a stranger.
I looked into your eyes
and realized
that we had met at least
twice before and saw the familiar offer.
In my mind I pleaded for more time because
I am old and ugly and well married,
but please, please keep the offer open
because I'll be ready soon.
Suddenly you were gone.

Copyright © ahellas Alixopulos | Year Posted 2011

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My Alphabet

A a 	big A little a
                   What words start with the letter A
                       Alligator, Airplane, Apple
The alligator sneaked into the airplane to eat an apple.  Aa Aa Aa

B b 	big B little b
                   What words start with the letter B
                       Butterfly, Boy, Banana
A beautiful butterfly landed on the boy ’s nose while he ate a banana. Bb Bb Bb

C c	 big C little c
                    What words start with the letter C
                        Caterpillar, Candy, Car
I ate my sour caterpillar candy in the car. Cc Cc Cc

D d	 big D little d
                    What words start with the letter  D
                        Dog, Doll, Donkey
The dog took off with my doll with the donkey chasing him. Dd Dd Dd

E e	 big E little e
                    What words start with the letter E
                        Elephant, Ear, Eye
The elephant touched his ear and eye with his trunk. Ee Ee Ee

F f	 big F little f
                    What words start with the letter F
                        Fish, Flower, Frog
The frog sat on the lily flower while the fish swam around the pond. Ff  Ff  Ff

G g	 big G little g
                    What words start with the letter G
                        Goat, Giraffe, Grasshopper
Billy goat runs and jumps on the giraffe’s back to chase the grasshopper.  Gg Gg Gg

H h	 big H little h
                    What words start with the letter H
                        Hippopotamus, Heart, Hat
Harry the hippopotamus who has a big heart, wears his favorite hat. Hh Hh Hh

I i	 big  I little i
                     What words start with the letter I
                         Inchworm, Iron, Ice cream
The inchworm stayed away because the iron was hot and the ice cream was cold. Ii Ii Ii

J j 	big J  little j
                   What words start with the letter J
                       Jacket, Jeep, Jelly
I left my jacket in the jeep while I ate my jelly sandwich. Jj Jj Jj

K k	 big K  little k
                    What words start with the letter K
                         Kangaroo, Key, Kitten
Lulu the kangaroo wore a key on a chain around her neck while she carried the kitten in her pouch. Kk Kk Kk

L i	 big L little l
                    What words start with the letter L
                         Lizard, Ladybug, Lego
Charlie the lizard stops to see the ladybug climb up the Lego. Ll Ll Ll

M m 	big M little m
                   What words start with the letter M
                       Monkey, Mouse, Moon
The monkey and mouse sitting on a tree limb together looking at the man on the moon. Mm Mm Mm

N n	 big N little n
                    What words start with the letter N
                        Nose, Nest, Nut
Nancy the squirrel put her nose near the nest to smell the nut at the bottom. Nn Nn Nn

O o	 big O little o
                    What words start with the letter O
                        Ostrich, Orange, Owl
The ostrich saw the orange and ran over and swallow it so he didn’t have to share with the owl.  Oo Oo Oo

P p	 big P little p
                    What words start with the letter P
                         Pig, Pillow, Pumpkin
Piggy the pig lies on the pillow while he throws the pumpkin up in the air.  Pp Pp Pp

Q q	 big Q little q
                     What words start with the letter Q
                          Queen, Quarter, Quail
The Queen of hearts threw a quarter in the air and a quail flew by and caught it. Qq Qq Qq

R r	 big R little r
                    What words start with the letter R
                         Rabbit, Roster, Rocket
The rabbit and the rooster took a rocket ride to visit the moon. Rr Rr Rr

S s	 big S  little s
                    What words start with the letter S
                        Sun, Shovel, Snowman
The children played out in the sun using a shovel to make a snowman.  Ss Ss Ss

T t 	big T  little  t
                   What words start with the letter T
                        Ticket, Table, Train
I  left the ticket on the table for the train ride. Tt Tt Tt

U u	 big  U little  u
                     What words start with the letter U
                         Unicorn, Umbrella, Unicycle
The unicorn held an umbrella over his head so he wouldn’t get wet in the rain while riding his unicycle.  Uu Uu Uu

V             big V  little v
                    What words start with the letter V
                        Violin, Vegetables, Vase
The musician played his violin as he watched the vegetables grow in the vase. Vv Vv 

W w         big W little w
                    What words start with the letter  W
                        Watch, Watermelon, Wagon,
Watson looked at his watch to see if it was lunch time so he could eat his watermelon on the wagon. Ww Ww Ww

X x	 big X  little x
                    What words start with the letter X
                        Xebec, Xylophone, X-ray,
The sailors on the xebec played the ping, ping, ping music on the xylophone while on their way to deliver an x-ray to Xavier.   Xx Xx Xx

Y y 	 big Y little y
                    What words start with the letter Y
                         Yarn, Yo-Yo, Yogurt
The yarn broke loose on the yo-yo when Billy was doing a trick and it flew into the yogurt.  Yy Yy Yy

Z z	 big Z  little  z
                    What words start with the letter  Z
                         Zebra, Zipper, Zoo
The zebra zipped up the zipper on his jacket when it got cold at the zoo. Zz Zz Zz

By: Eve Roper 8/19/2015

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2015

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The grasshopper left the corn
For the dawn of the baobab tree
The elders brought flowers
For the floor of the ages past
And the door of ages to come
Grasshopper's heart stridulated
In awe. Its mandibles move
To shred its doubt in questions.

The elders stood silent
Before the open palm spooning
The eyes for a taste of wisdom:
"Patience," said the elders.
The elders ears buzzed 
With the sounds of futile wings
Longing for the flight of freedom
"Grow your conscience," spoke
The elders in the morning smoke
Of dew where the heart
Of flora and fauna is burning.

And I was left nothing there
But corn blades bitten bare
To the ground, and a path
Through the desert sands of wrath
That beckons me to where
I will sit in the elders' chair
Weaving syllables out of air
And searching for reason
Beside the stillness of the heart.
I am the recycled question
Waiting for answer in a flower's
Bed sown with eyes of treason.

Copyright © L'nass Shango | Year Posted 2009

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I am chasing grasshoppers

I am chasing grasshoppers in the yard
Such a fun filled thing
The grasshopper always one jump ahead
And I, panting hard
Only want a couple to bring
And set before my students' eyes
So they may look and realize
The investment God has made in us
And bridge the vault of fear with trust.

Copyright © L'nass Shango | Year Posted 2009

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The Wheel in September

I've startled a frog, who leaps in flashes.
He and a grasshopper zig-zag away.
The lawn whispers mildly, in tune with the sun,
Yet something's amiss--the air is unsettled.
Squirrels and I stash away seeds,
salvaged from spent, rain-ravaged beds.
Bees are now torpid and cling to the mums.
Bedraggled zinnias give up the ghost.

It's a mixed-up magic--Sleeping Beauty
spies the Grim Reaper, who's eyeing the wheel.
She tries to distract him with colorful swirls,
but the spokes are pre-programmed; the sickle's in hand.
What becomes of the Grim Reaper's harvest,
of creatures who cannot withstand the strain?
The mystery hides in an infinite point--
the one in the center of The Great Hub--
the crux of a myriad transformations.

Copyright © Carol Mays | Year Posted 2015

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Silver Tailed Fox


silver tailed fox
running from silent trigger
trampled and fell---


the grasshopper
hops along the fern, 
with long legs---


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2011

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Grasshopper Kings

Come sit with me lovey
I’m excited to see
The clouds dancing high
In the deep blue sea

We’ll make dandelion rings
And weave clover blossom
Make  bracelets of violets
Now don’t we look awesome

We’ll take our tea party under the willow
While the branches sway
To the music in our smiles
Our pinkies up in the most genteel style

As the sun beams hotter
We’ll make castles of sand
Where lady bug princesses 
Marry grasshopper kings
But she never stays long enough
To find her a ring

Now let us eat supper
From our petunia plates
Honeysuckle nectar
The fare is first rate

Before we head for home
Let’s stroll past the creek
Create boats from milk pods
Now passengers we seek

Ahhh the princess
Back to us she did fly
And since she’s not scared
We put her inside

She sailed away 
To a distant shore
Where her king waits 

Copyright © Laurie Ginn | Year Posted 2009

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Ga Ga over Green

Ga Ga over Green This green parrot pecking the green coconut, Under the shelter of long leafy huge tree, sings ' Green de la Green' On this velvet green bed, in the open, I lie, I can feel green sucking my fatigue Ooo la la,its a refreshing and healthy feeling, These golden corn capsules atop the green field flutter, The green grasshopper hangs around the green caterpillar, Transparent pearly dew drops create an emerald green effect, Green leaves had the honour to cover our predecessors, Green Man of the Pagan period signified fertility, My religion venerates peaceful green, Green band of my country flag connotes hope,prosperity, Green is pious,national,rejuvinating,,,,colour of life, Ma ma mia,,I wanna sink into this green, "O Green! ,unburden me,embrace me ,sanctify me", Wake up world,save green and prefer to go green. P.S-Green is connected tolife,youth and vitality.Ancient cultured Proto Indo Europeans got it started first.The word green is closely related to Old English verb "growan" means "to grow". Contest:United coloures GREEN. Sponsor:Silent One 02.03.2016

Copyright © Rizwana Bhurani | Year Posted 2016

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Slack for Sale

One cent, two cents,
	Nickel and dime
Two bits, four bits,
	A dollar this time.

Ship me a grasshopper
	Do me a crime
Fly like a whippoorwill 
	O'er Anaheim.

Copyright © Jessica Amanda Salmonson | Year Posted 2018

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None happier than the other

Grasshopper in boiling pot
Wild wolf in boiling furnace

Pauper in king’s palace
Rich man in pauper’s hut

Devil queen in God’s kingdom
Holy Angel in devil’s palace

Copyright © Solomon Ochwo-Oburu | Year Posted 2018

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My Pet Donkey Kim

As children are
They all want a pet
I wanted a horse
My little sister wanted a pony
Our parents compromised
They got us a goldfish
Of course we had to name our new pet
We compromised yet again and called him

Now turtle would spend hours and hours
Running and jumping around an around in his watery fields
A very fast Turtle he was
We decided to film our little turtle and so we did
The show off would make jokes and acrobats
Turns out he was a real comedian 
(also an expert at cards, especially Go Fish)
To out surprise, an evil man didn’t like our wee turtle
Why he called him a darn little monkey
He said he would shatter our fish bowl
Well he called it a Monkey bowel

Then one day we saw something miraculous
A second gold fish
Turns out he was a she
Happily now my sister and I both had pets
She a wee little pony and me
A great big beautiful black stallion
She name her Pony Grasshopper
So worried she was, that the evil man from far away
Would do great harm to us, Grasshopper and Turtle
She said we should get on our pony and horse
And ride away on the ocean, far away and safe

Then all of a sudden, our neighbors Korean Siamese cat jumped
Right through the window, and right smack into the fish bowl
Poor Turtle and Grasshopper, all over the floor
My sister cried her little heart out that day
From that moment forward, I just could never get myself
To drink Orange crush again

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2014

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Knowing Right from Wrong

I was taught this at a very young age
Do what’s right and never do what’s wrong
Do not kill and do not steal
Do not covet my best friend’s wheels
Don’t try and push water up hill
Stop going downtown looking for a cheap thrill

Now my religion is right so the others are wrong
Till this bald Buddhist told me I was a big clown
He said for wisdom you must take flight
I said hey funny guy I am just a kid
He said be a grasshopper and then you can fly

Surely I could meditate high in the sky
I woke up a grasshopper, how’d he do that?
I was none to pleased, I like being just a kid
And that’s just a simple plain fact

So I found some other grasshoppers, a million or two
We swarmed all over that Buddhist true
I gave him a word or some choice ones a few
So he turned me back into the kid I once used to be
But I ended up at Jan's place and I sure had to pee

I had no idea if that was right or wrong
Or if manners mattered when I relieved myself with song
So now I am older, and hopefully wiser
I know what is right and I know what is wrong!

Cause I have me a wife, who helps me to know
And if I forget shed kick me out in the snow
Right is so simple, it’s easy to see
When a women speaks, its right and don’t you contradict me

When a man ever tried, in any way to disagree
Well the man is as wrong as wrong can only be
So a women are always right, a man always wrong
A Mans happiness is knowing this silly Buddhist song

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2015

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I Love Nature

I love the plants, bushes and trees
And the birds, animals and bees
I love the hills, rivers and creeks
And the ocean, beach, and mountain peaks
I love the fish, sharks and sheep
And to just watch a grasshopper leap
I love the insects, spiders, and other bugs
And even the ants, wasps and slugs

I feel peace and love in nature
But man looms the biggest danger.
With mining, farming and agriculture
He circles around like a vulture.

Copyright © George Christos | Year Posted 2017

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Tomorrow Is Another Day

Tomorrow Is Another Day

Indeed, today’s
‘been no crystal stairway’;
rather, more of a steep
winding staircase
with veiled challenges
rivaling the trials of old Job;
and making a mockery
of the efforts of old Sisyphus.

My bridge
over troubled waters
proved too weak
to bear me over—
falling under the weight
of my burdens
as if a grasshopper
bridled to haul bales of hay.

So stop whining child—
‘bout no desert with supper:
the pre-paid pizza
an error in house address.

is another day.

Copyright © millard lowe | Year Posted 2016

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Fable: A Grasshopper Mocks An Ant



 A Grasshopper mocked an Ant all the day long,
because the Ant thought to be busy and strong
And the Grasshopper thinks this all is silly and wrong.
An Ant can carry thrice its weight ,even a big, big crate.
An Ant travels far and wide, and needs no other for a ride.
An Ant works well in teams, and gets much done by the streams.
They have no King ; They have no guide.
They have instinctive chemicals inside.
They spend all day doing profitable things,
while the Grasshopper lies around the Springs.
An Ant will travel with their food in a line;
and this works very,very, fine.
The Grasshopper waits to be served before it'll dine.
By Wintertime, the industrious Ants are well-prepared.
By Wintertime, the lazy Grasshopper becomes all scared.
How will he eat; he thought not ahead? Perhaps he does not know.
Perhaps he'll humble himself , and off to seek the Ants he will go.                            

                                       December 19, 2008

                                     Copyright McCuen 2008

Copyright © MC MC | Year Posted 2008

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Ambling Through The Meadow

Beauty all around
As I amble through the meadow

The breeze of daybreak, oh so inviting
Whispering unfathomable secrets into my ears
The mist suspends in the air
Within striking distance. A thing of wonder
Like a light passing through a prism

This clearing, a forsaken garden 
Punctuated with colorful weeds
Sunflowers and dandelions glow as bright
As fireflies; smiling and blowing kisses
In unison with the morning sun

Autumn woods dazzle with color. Blades 
Of grass bending in the breeze look like 
Ripples on a stream. And they dance
With devil-may-care abandon. As carefree 
As aspen leaves moving in the slightest wind

Creatures of nature are mostly out of view. Somewhere...
A grasshopper is leaping to and fro
A butterfly is fluttering every which way
A hummingbird is hovering over a bloomed flower
A bumblebee is bothering a daisy

Birds perched in trees sing 
Nature's love songs. The nightingale's song
Such sweet music To my ears! Birds in flight 
Take hold of the turquoise blue morning sky 
Could this be nature at it's best?

Beauty all around
As I amble through the meadow

Date written: 05/03/2015
Date posted: 04/09/2016

Copyright © Edward Ibeh | Year Posted 2016

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Gift Of Time

                                           A spiders web in the
                                                   early morn.
                                         A tree cut down to count
                                                    the years .

                                         A grasshopper  to catch and
                                                    put in a jar.

                                         No sweeter joy can you 
                                                       impart . 

                                         Than the gift of time given
                                                 from the heart.

                                             Copyright 2008
                                             Anne Rutherford
                                             Poems From The
                                                Series Heart

Copyright © Anne Rutherford | Year Posted 2011

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Lover Forever

Heard your shriven whine from the mountain,
Here is me, just coming so close to you;
Thirsty stone in water fall stream to go on and on;
Bloody flower on shoot serves sweet fragrance,
You don’t know me!
Me the silver shine in far azure;
Cool rain coming down through the horizon,
You are blind though with eyes, could not see me;
Me the light of firefly in darkness;
The promise of shining sun emerged in the blue of azure,
She is my untouched love of my life forever.

Love is water color on canvas drawn by artist’s brush;
Crops that farmer gain at so sweating,
Love waking in the pen of poet so living poem;
Stress of life struggler rushing all the time,
Love on the eyes of lover tearing down in waiting;
The lover’s hour of worship shrouded by shine,
Love in soil emerging green field;
The very nectar water of thirsty served by mother’s hand,
Having on bosom the illusion of the soil’s affection;
The lover forever, ancient primeval man of the civilization.

I don’t come to pick up love, but only serve;
Not I even sought to find the agony of the lover;
Who had lost his torn cottage in the early war,
Bullet embedded heart to pain making all havoc;
Nobody wiped his tear,
On the crossing of mourn shadow, I still remain standing on blur field,
Love of grasshopper to have touch on bloody flower in hand,
My eyes looking oblivion;
Standing is victorious lover with red-green flag in the air,
Breezy air off stirring his calm eyes;
Poked sway of romance in the deep of love,
Love is fragrance from muddy earth;
On the rich green field full blossomed of humanities.

Copyright © A K Das Mridul | Year Posted 2014

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A grasshopper
on a bamboo shoot                  

Copyright © Keith Simmonds | Year Posted 2013

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There Is a Force

I came upon him on a clump of clover,
A fat brown grasshopper moving not at all.
Does he know, I puzzled, his season is over?
Does he know it's turning to fall?

I think he chose this spot for his last sleep
Not knowing that was what it was about.
He had grasshopper biology to keep
So he hopped here 'ere his legs gave out.

Something mystical drives each living thing—
Fish and fowl, ants and bees, moths to a flame.
It is a force as whole and endless as a ring,
And in season after season it holds domain.

Copyright © Paul Schneiter | Year Posted 2015

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Holiday Fest At Its Best

"Holiday Fest At Its Best"
by Renee Denise Gross a.k.a. "Grasshopper"

Glitter, Glamour, Glitz and Spritz
Shimmer and Sparkle, oh how we marvel at all the Ritz
It's a Holiday Fest At Its Best!

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Spiritual...
whatever your ritual, it's time to reflect, reconnect 
and rejoice to be alive and revive our souls and minds 
This an awe inspiring, rejuvenating time!

Holiday songs and singalongs
messages to keep a song in our hearts 
not just in December, but everyday to remember 
regarding Love, Forgiveness and Re-inventive Starts

Now on to food, do you know what tastes good?
There is so much to choose 
any mouth watering decadence 
embraces my stomach a happy resident
I look forward and I bet you do do too!

A Fruit Cake in a Decorative Tin Bin, Well...that's Optional! (SMILE)

Copyright © Renee D. Gross | Year Posted 2015

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The Master

The Master

You have much to learn
Grasshopper. Kung fu, ninja
OK. Start boxing. Tex Wasabi

Copyright © Paul Geiger | Year Posted 2014

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Pity the Poor Katydid

Somehow you flew in and hid
Right under my toilet lid
Ouite sure you were dead
'Little pest!' I said
Pity the poor Katydid!

Saw a leg twitch, God forbid
Guess what I done-gone-and-did?
'Okay, my green lass
Go die in the grass'
Pity the poor Katydid!

*** Katydids are harmless bright green insects with large wings in the cricket-grasshopper family

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2009

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Winnie the Pooh and I

We walked along a well-stuffed path,
Winnie the Pooh and I.
We admired to watch a grasshopper and a cricket play
And most of their time jump up to catch mountainous flies.

We crossed a stream on flowery shore
To reach the other side;
For what is where all every kind of habitant from mountains
To rain forests as well as our friends of valley too.

Winnie the Pooh and I saw the familiar faces
And some are even unwelcome guests in our home;
They saw us and ran and gathered around us with their best manner they could.

We found jokes and laughers too
We looked at each one and we found beside them new friends.

Among the most extraordinary are walkingsticks and earwigs,
To watch them seriously Winnie the Pooh and I couldn’t;
We tapped our mouths while all of them looked at us.

Now there was no time to be serious but to laugh and having fun
Because Robert was coming with cookies and a jar of honey as well;
We sat down and glanced down at Robert who was ready to tell us his last adventure.

Copyright © George Zamalea | Year Posted 2013