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Hot And Cold Comes The Night

You must know I cried yesterday and I think I broke the world so I braided some words into twine planted some sweet and sour coated seeds I grew free standing expressions and then I joined them with left over thread to present these interlocking pieces in their proper order regardless of the number they wear in an attempt to confuse and deceive. I offer this humble list for your reading enjoyment It is an honour to have you visit my page. The pleasure I assure you is all mine WORDS ON PAPER - THE LIST FIVE I loved you centuries before we were born. You lived in my dreams before I ever slept. When others wasted time picking flowers I waited for when it was time to pick you. Love calls you in the natural scent of your partner. You'd feel their touch in the vacuum of outer space. Your desire for them would melt away the ice age. I want to find a door in the brightest part of the sky I could open to erase what was, to shine a light so bright it, like a book of golden words, would write ideas so vital as to eradicate even a suggestion of our mournful past. I want to be that magician who does not bother with illusion but rather heals wounds and shatters burden. TWO We were at the fair, joviality in the air. A memory filed, I was a young child holding balloons floating round like full moons in vivid colours bright. Fixed on this joyous sight I was on Cloud Nine proud these were mine. If I had not let go of them. If I hadn't watched them as they flew higher and higher as my heart sunk lower and lower I might of never learnt what it felt like - hurt. Hope gloats, hope floats. either your way or just away. THREE sometimes the afternoon sun is.....too hot to walk barefoot........on the concrete path still even then.......I refuse to wear my hat I guess I'll never change, I'm just like that. sometimes when I jump in the lake in late summer... with all of my clothes on...I do it in the I go down...way down to the bottom...there's a gentle peace overtakes me..I want to stay down like a rock... revel in the ecstasy...not swim back up..........not ever SEVEN ours was a paper mâché love living in a cut out cardboard home with a macaroni art painted lawn and nothing real to call our own nothing solid that we could hold. we tried stacking lego bricks but you have to be able to pop your cheek to qualify as a kid - to get a license to build. the castle we assembled didn't pass the test. so much for fairy tales - hello reality check. we rolled the dice but our thimble went straight to jail and our mouse ended up trapped. can you hear that buzzing the operation failed. where are you going? your tricycle is still in the shop and I might as well tell you..............I have no eights................."go fish!" we fell through the bunny hole where i - jack fell ddddownnn nnnnnnn and broke my crown and you - jill came tumbling aaaaaaaaaaafterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr EIGHT it is a choreographed ballet our love stands strong legs at the base digging deep build roots delicate hands branched out reach high long slim fingers define twigs draw space the body of our trunk thick sweet filled music fills our human needs one sound wind pixies dance meticulously the air sunlight leaks effectively through dark spots lifts carries holds and shapes our smiles it is a choreographed ballet our love in sync our bodies their senses once immersed in I now us ONE I know the last thing I want to feel as I leave this world, it is your lips on mine. When I take my last breath I want to feel yours with its loving touch. NINE Always, no matter the roar or intensity of the storm how severe the attack even out of the norm Always, i offer my hand with sincerity aim to deal with it peacefully. Always! SIX then suddenly it hits like a swarm of locus. a deep dark manifestation that greases my mind my very existence in its unforgiving sense of doom. every bone stiffens, when I move, a sound of dead dried out forest twigs breaking against the boots of hikers echoes in the confined space of my skull. i reach for a pill slowly it dissolves under my tongue i wait and i wait and i wait ... my body is soaked in a sweat with its own cold and hot tap. i assume the position, lying on an unstable floor. the creature depression is now in full control of my faculties. this too i will survive ...that is what i do...what i do...this is what i do.......somehow i survive. FOUR there is a deafening hush... silently raging through the core of my existence...still...I am humbled by the light and the love I have witnessed in my brief on Earth there is a river...that walks at my side... walks with the same stride... April 14 2015 Armand

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2015

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To Robin

You left me so sad today
I needed you to make me smile
I wanted to see you laugh
And forget my burdens awhile

Robin, you left me sad today
My heart is pained even more
That you're the one who took your life
Was there nothing worth fighting for?

Robin, what do you leave for us?
Who have struggled down this path?
What do you leave for us to think
If you couldn’t make it last?

You had it all, you had the fame
You had the glory too
But Robin, where was the love?
Where was the love for YOU?

Those who laugh the hardest
And make the tears come down
Are those with pain too great to bear
So they play the part of clown

I’ve also played that part, my dear
I laugh to hide the tears
I giggle and I joke around
But I’m consumed by fears

Oh Robin, I will miss you so
We’ve never even met
But I feel I know you well
No one sweeter than you yet

So like a robin, you flew away
Took your life to be free
Oh Robin, I’m left here to think
What will become of me?

Eileen Manassian

To Robin Williams, one of my absolute favorite actors. I adored that man.

Media vita in morte sumus – in the midst of life we are in death (Wolfgang 

Depression claims another soul. Only those who deal with it know the dark 
places that it can lead...yes, even to the valley of the shadow of death.

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2014

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The Toilet Of Our Existence

It was what it was A stunning photograph of a toilet Ironically it was in the end a microcosm of life today Creative and positive in its composition Limited and depressing in its stark reality No matter how you paint it we are in the toilet of our existence No matter how you condemn it it's how you deal with it what you make of it and in the end even a **** house serves its purpose

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2014

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don't touch me

deal with it

i will not let my emotions
be monitored

this is me

if you do not like the 
stay away

i am me

so why not enjoy

if it were left up to me
society would be ignored

i would fly to you in my
widows' weeds with hand-
fulls of forget me nots

i would wear a purple veil
to obscure the depth of 
my sorrow

or not

i would hook you 
in the eyes and say

hi.  why me flatly

with nuance
i would move myself 
into your space
and waste us both
without dignity

i would use your arms
around me to grieve

if , only if, it were
left up to me

Copyright © janetta harrington | Year Posted 2007

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What Love is

Love is a secret . . . Keep it
Love is a rose . . . Grow with it
Love is a mystery . . . Unfold it
Love is an adventure . . . Chance it
Love is beauty . . . Pamper it
Love is a song . . . Sing it
Love is a struggle . . . Deal with it
Love is sorrowful . . . Mourn with it
Love is a book . . . Renew it
Love is a fire inside . . . Never let it die

Copyright © Amanda Gough | Year Posted 2007

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The Sun's a Liar-Children's story short contest-

The Sun Is a Liar

It’s been quite some time since I've awoke early enough to meet the sun coming over the horizon. As I gazed out the window from my bedroom window seat, the sky was cloud free, allowing the warm rays of the sun to kiss my face like a loved one. At that moment a memory of something my grandmother used to say came to me. “A bright sunrise meant a good day.” As a young child it was easy to believe her and as I got little older I remember trying my best to keep believing.

We lived in an apartment at the Harriet Tubman Towers, a low income project development in Raleigh, NC. Before then, we lived with Grams, she rented a two-bedroom house in a slightly better neighborhood. Four years ago we had to move, because Grams died and momma couldn’t afford the rent. Our apartment was a lot smaller than my Gram’s house, but at least Janae and I had our own bedroom. Momma never did the stuff that real parents do. I guess its because she had me at fourteen and with Grams sick most of the time from cancer, she couldn’t teach her how to be a momma. I don’t know, maybe I’m just making up excuses for her, because who taught me? When my baby sister Janae was born I was almost six years old. I remember early one morning I was awakened by Janae’s cry. I tried to fall back to sleep, but she wouldn’t stop crying. I sat up in bed and looked around, momma had a pillow over her head trying to drown out the sound of her cry. I got out of bed, then stood in front of Janae’s crib and stared through the same wooden bars that once confined me until I discovered how to escape. The more momma tried to ignore Janae’s cry the more she screamed. Flipping to her back, she kicked her legs and stretched her arms out and shook, as she turned red with anger. I walked over to momma and tugged at her covers. 

“Momma, nae-nae’s crying.” She moved away from me. 

I tugged again, “Momma, nae-nae’s crying.” 

She pulled the pillow tighter to her head and yelled at me from beneath. Since momma did that a lot, I knew it meant leave her alone. I returned to my baby sister and watched as tears rolled down the sides of her face and into her hair. The bottle of red Kool-Aid momma put her to bed with last night, laid half full where she was unable to reach. I slid my arm through the wooden bars and put it in her mouth. The crying stopped and that was the beginning. Thereafter, when Janae would cry in the morning I was the one who would give her a bottle. Janae learned to crawl and walk quickly, I guest any baby would if they were kept in a crib for most of the day. I became more responsible for her needs; she came to me before she would momma. I didn’t mind too much, at least she had someone to care for her when she was neglected by momma. Grams used to do the same thing for me before she got too sick to do it anymore. In away Janae’s dependence on me made me feel needed and loved. Before she was born only Grams made me feel like that. I guess that’s why I was so mad at God for taking her away from me. When I got a little older, I remembered she was in a lot pain and going to Heaven would help her feel better. Then I understood and was no longer mad with God. I think it was Grams who asked God to give me a little sister, so I wouldn’t be alone after she was gone. 

Momma had no problem giving all her attention and affection to the men who came in and out of our lives like the changing seasons. Some of them were ok, but most just took from us and never gave anything. They would eat the little food we had and bring their friends over to watch sports, or play video games, so we hardly ever got to watch TV. Two things about momma’s boyfriends made me mad the most, one, the attention they got from her was attention that should’ve been given to Janae and me, and whenever one would be around for more than a few months or more momma had us call him daddy. I hated that, especially since it made me feel momma could care less if we knew who our real daddies were. Grams told me my real daddy’s parents were in the military and while momma was pregnant with me they were transferred to a military base in Germany. She said, although he was only sixteen at the time, he loved momma and intended to live up to his responsibility. That he wanted momma to go with them, but his parents wouldn’t allow it and he had no other family or money to stay here with her. I heard different from some of the neighborhood ladies. They didn’t like momma, because they said she was a home wrecker and they spread rumors about her and my real daddy’s relationship. That he flipped when momma tried to accuse him of being the father. He denied ever touching her and refused to have anything to do with her. Who knows what the real truth is, people gossip and add their own little bits just to make it more interesting. Besides, who cares which version was true. All that mattered was he wasn’t there for me.

Many times I stood in front of the mirror and tried to imagine myself as a man. I knew it was strange, but there was a good reason, at least for me there was. I didn’t resemble momma, nor anyone in her family, so I must look like my daddy or somebody in his family. When I imagined myself as a man, I got an idea of what my daddy must look like. It’s awful not knowing who your daddy is, it’s like a part of me was missing and the fact momma could care less made it even worse. I thought about what life would’ve been like if he hadn’t moved away. Maybe momma would’ve been a better momma had he stayed around. I hated to dwell on stuff like that, because it hurt, it even made me mad sometimes. Didn’t he care about me, wasn’t he curious, if I was a boy or girl? Didn’t he consider for one minute it would hurt to never know my daddy? 

And just like I done with momma I found myself making excuses for his absence in my life, but they didn’t wash over. Because, what it all boiled down to, he was my daddy and daddies are supposed to love and be there for their children. As I reached my late teens the pain still existed, but not as deep. Possibly I learned how to deal with it, or maybe I considered my little sister’s situation. Her daddy was absent too and I don’t think momma even had a clue who he was, so I imagine her daddy issues will be more painful. I knew I couldn’t take away the empty feeling of being fatherless, but I promised myself and Janae I would do all I could to shelter her from the anguish of our dysfunctional childhood, as much as possible. I’m sure by the time she’s my age there’ll be many questions about her daddy that will more than likely remain unanswered. 

In my childhood the sunrise in Raleigh was bright more often than not, just as it was a liar, more often than not. Because when it came to good days, they were few and far between. 

Copyright © Corey Johnson | Year Posted 2016

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Shock to the System

When the majority is accustomed to having their say,
it's a shock to the system when it's no longer that way
Dwindling numbers has turned the majority into the minority
Welcome to my world,
where having your voice heard is an exercise in futility
Go grab a megaphone,
or dial some digits
See if you catch your congressman or woman
and tell them something's horribly wrong
The deal is this:
You were the majority,
now you're the minority
The numbers tell the story,
and numbers never lie
I know it's a shock to the system:
Either rage against the machine,
or sit at home and quietly cry
You found a nice piece of real estate,
and were the prime time share owners for a long time
Deal with it,
a new group has come in,
and their numbers are not on the decline
It has to be a shock to the system,
has you feeling like you're Frankenstein
911 is the number you call,
when you think you've witnessed a monstrous crime
Welcome to my world,
being a minority ain't all bad
But if you're use to being number one:
it's a shock to the system,
when you've been demoted to second class

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2016

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'My Unfillable Shoes'

I have one simple question for you.
If you could, would you walk in my shoes?
For one minute, hour, day, month, or year?
But you can’t I fear.
Even if you wanted to, or I made you.
I’m afraid that request will never come true.
All I can do is explain.
And hope you don’t think it’s a lie…or in vain.
But here, I’ll try to explain.
Every day I see mostly blur.
Walk around totally unsure.
Of where things are around me.
Yes I can see.
The flowers, the trees.
I am blessed, and grateful.
I remain faithful.
But the depth, the distance isn’t there.
No matter how much I squint or stare.
But I do what I can, and get by.
No matter what I always try.
But this is just a part.
A start.
Of what I go through.
All I can do is tell you.
I can’t show you.
Or cause you.
To go through it.
So you have to take my word for it.
Every day I wake up.
Most days I feel messed up.
I walk around in a haze.
As if I’m trying to get through a maze.
My head, my leg, is always in pain.
Most people would go insane.
But I deal with it.
I get through it.
The medicine only makes me sicker.
Instead of healing me quicker.
With epilepsy.
You see.
There is always a risk of dying.
But I push on, keep trying.
I keep a smile on my face.
But it gets erased.
When I am accused.
Of this being what I choose.
Or that it’s not real.
You will never know what I feel.
But I tell you now.
I would never wish this on you anyhow.
I would never want or ask of you.
To ever have to walk in my shoes.
Not for a minute, hour, day, or year.
I would rather save you from the tears.
From the pain.
That I go through again and again.
Every day.
All I ask, all I need, for you to say.
Is I believe you, take my hand, it’ll be okay.

Copyright © Victoria Thunberg | Year Posted 2012

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The Forgotten Child

I recognize your faces
You pass me everyday.
Crossing the street to avoid me.
Jeering eyes cut into my soul
My pride died long ago.

While you work I’m working too
Moving from corner to corner
Praying for a miracle to come
Dealing with deafening regrets.
I long to walk with you

For just one day.

As the clock strikes five
You all pass me again
Can you spare some change?
I feel your eyes avoiding mine
I have a family out there
But their eyes avoid me too.

An embarrassment to them.
An embarrassment to you.
I deal with it every day.
I hate what I’ve become
But I’m so very numb now.
I fall asleep with my decisions.

Just as you do.

Good night Society.
If you wake up and I’m not there
Don’t worry.
Wherever I am now, 
Is better than where I was.
If there is a heaven,
I’ll greet you there where
You can see me for what I really am.

As God sees me.

And if not, 
I hope that comfort
Keeps you warm and safe.
Someday death will come
And you’ll have to ask yourself
If you had any regrets.
And you’ll  have to face what I face


Copyright © Tammy Armstrong | Year Posted 2005

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The Power of Pain

pain is a mover,
and a shaker,
stirs one to action
to escape its evil claws

It has its own schedule-
and mocks your attempts
to deal with it
and it never takes a pause

Its tendrils spread throughout-
as certain bastions of misery-
scattered all about-
the fortress of agony

you can try to ignore it,
but never successfully,
or fight it with med's
but you will be forced to see
such efforts are so useless,
It was what was meant to be

you can't reason with it,
just endure it until
it's had its merry fill
of sadistic persecution,
don't let it break your will

alone I battle
fear of death
at times
creeps into my thoughts....

Copyright © tom bell | Year Posted 2007

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Old Sin permeates the air
It doesn't go away in despair
To deal with it is a chore
You will want it to go away even more 

The longer it is around is the reason
When not dealing with it makes it poison
But Old Sin gets harder you know
When all you want is for it is to go.

© Paul Warren Poetry

Copyright © Paul Warren | Year Posted 2017

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Death is just the taking away 
of the gross material that 
enshrouds and hides
the life essence that is you, 
setting you free from your 
temporary cocoon that has become 
your mortal prison. 
In your freedom, 
You will find there's no death. 
Live your life fully with gladness. 
Be aware of your awesomeness
and make a mark with your life. 
Follow the path of righteousness.
Realise that you are nothing more 
than a sojourner on earth. 
Enter into each day with 
joyful tenderness in your heart. 
Take whatever comes to you, 
either good or bad as it is 
without much ado,
for they come to make up
the textures of your life. 
Be strong and courageous 
Remain calm in the face of adversities.
Be unshakable,
for all you encountered and achieved 
is for a while and for a purpose,
to make your life a worthy one. 
Do not for any reason cause anyone 
to cry or suffer because of you. 
Live wherever life places you in harmony 
with those in your sphere knowing 
you are there to serve. 
Be aware of what will be a source of 
your future annoyance, 
and with wisdom deal with it
or completely avoid it. 
Remember who you are always. 
Do the right things. 
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © Emeka Mokeme | Year Posted 2018

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X-Ray Vision

Somewhere out of nowhere these feelings came about
A lustful, yearning desire appeared without a doubt
This time it was me, which made it oh so strange
To adjust the way I was feeling, something had to change

The vision of his body, his kiss, his touch
Is thought about more than often, like wayyy too much
The feelings tend to linger as I'm trying to understand
What it is exactly I'm feeling about this man

I can sense his presence through his smell in a room
When I enter quietly hearing my favorite tune
The vision in my mind is a sexual chemistry
As I sit and lay and think the thoughts of him inside of me

Being around him makes me want him more
As the adrenaline builds up like never before
The stimulation is felt as my heart rate increase
And I am longing inside for these fluids to release
But to put out this warm, feeling of fire
Cannot be done with only one desire

I tell him what I'm feeling as it's difficult some days
He tells me I'll be alright and I'm just going through a phase
He's patient and he listens and this helps me get through
During this time of uncertainty when I'm not sure just what to do

In many ways we are just alike and would be a perfect fit
But I understand the reason and he helps me deal with it
I know it will never happen, the vision inside of me
For what I was experiencing was my personal fantasy

Copyright © Colette Dright | Year Posted 2018

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Lies And Deceit

Lies & Deceit are the Devil's tools
To relish in them, will render you a fool.
They'll destroy all trust & run people away.
Why would they deal with it? Why would they stay?
Lies & Deceit are not in God's plans
These are not the things, he's given to man.
These things are not of him, these are things he detests
These things will destroy you, you won't be at your best.
God will not bless you
Give you the favor you deserve
Living in Lies & Deceit, quite frankly
Gets on God's nerves.
Lies & Deceit will remove people from you life
Family, friends, children, your husband, your wife.
Lies & Deceit never go away
It'll grow & grow
You think you're fooling people
But believe me, they know.
A lie is transparent & easily seen
It'll be soon be bought to the light
& in God's eyes you will be unclean.
Deceit can fool some for awhile
This is so true
But God will give them a new vision 
& their instincts will be anew.
Lies & Deceit will take you nowhere
They'll cause people to dislike you & no longer care.
God says be honest & be truthful to everyone
God said it, it was written & his will shall be done.
I lived in Lies & Deceit & lost everything
You can't imagine the pain these things will bring.
You can't imagine the hurt to others
It has caused
My life was at a standstill
An eternal pause.
My lies have broken relationships
That I can't repair
Deceit soon followed
Now people don't even care.
They don't care what will become of me
Because of my past actions, they refuse to see
That I removed Lies & Deceit from my daily routine.
I sent them away, now my soul is clean.
My thinking is clear
Lies & Deceit from my life has been cast.
But no one will believe me
Because of my past.
I talk to God & beg him to let people see
That there is change that's come over me.
I ask him to please let everyone know
That these Lies & Deceit, in my life, just had to go.
I lost it all & probably won't get it back
But I am determined to get my life back on track.
I let go of the lies that have held me down
Deceit is no longer with me, no longer around.
I took these things out of my life & threw them away
Now I'm striving for righteousness each & everyday.
My Lies & Deceit were brought into the light
Now that they're gone, my future looks bright.
I have hope, encouragement & feel better than ever
I might be able to get my life back together.
I might be able to live again
Instead of living in this den of sin.
Lies & Deceit serve no real purpose
Because they hurt all those around you
When they finally surface.
Lies & Deceit are the Devil's tools
But God has released me from them
Now I'm no longer a fool.

Copyright © Robert Cathey | Year Posted 2015

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Horse Shoe Hero

They call me the BBQ slinger
Well known for my back to back ringers
My aim is dead true
When I'm tossin' them shoes
I could wrap round' a bumble bee stinger.

My skill with the irons well known
These rookies all covet my throne
I'm the king of the pit
They best deal with it
Cause these beers put me right in the zone

I'll conquer till' no one remains
And brag of ice water filled veins
Not even a test
to prove I'm the best
And poised to continue my reign.

Copyright © Joe Inka | Year Posted 2011

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I AM a Human Being

Hi I'm a human being
Most of you see that by 2016
But some ignorant people don't see
I am a human being

I was born a boy
But I feel like a girl
When I told my parents how I felt
It really took them for a whirl

They said I was going against the almighty God
I was born with a *****
And that I had to suck it up and deal with it

Because these sinful feelings will go away
And I'll be married with a beautiful woman
And have beautiful kids one day
And we'll disown you if you continue to feel like this

And I had to gather every bit of courage and strength to say
NO! I don't want this
Then then man I called my father put his hand in the fist
He gave me a black eye
Just like that I was unloved
And I was homeless

Hi I'm a human being
And I live in a society where they say
You get what you get and you don't throw a fit
Just deal with it!
They say don't embrace who you are
Or you will NEVER get far
You're an abomination
A failed abortion
You belong in a shallow grave
You're not one of us
But why can't they see

Hi I am a human being
And I have a brain and a heart and a pair of lungs
I have five fingers on each hand
And five toes on each foot
I function just like you and everyone else
So why am I put in hiding for being myself?
Hi I am here and this is me
And I AM
A human being

Side note: Hey guys. Just so I am clear I am NOT a transgender. I am a supporter of the LBGQT community because I believe EVERYONE is entitled to the same rights. Have a good day hope you liked the poem! :)

Copyright © Kyleigh Henderson | Year Posted 2016

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another sunny Monday morn

out here in too bright sunlight squinting in hand shade through sun burnt lashes
details hide in black shadowed faces haloed in the bright of day as memories flicker of other 
days on city streets when heads held high were feared and turned on and eyes to pavement was 
a hope to make it through the day without a fight.
Unless of course one bore the daily pain to build a bloody rep and even then sun could shine too 
brightly exposing weaknesses in chinks that loved the shade.
To smile into the sunlight blind, shifting gravitational center on each step prepared and readied 
for  whatever the moment brings and trusting in oneself to deal with it again.

Copyright © Donald Meikle | Year Posted 2010

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Celebrate Your Mistakes

Are you anxious in making mistakes? 
Do you feel terrible when you do? 
Mistakes are simply outcomes we did not expect and can lead
to growth.

Start by admitting your mistakes
 You can only learn from a mistake if you admit you made one 
As you start blaming other people
You miss out any possible lesson

 Admit error—even if it is only for yourself—takes the focus from assigning blame
Moves you toward understanding

Enlist help
Join or sign up
Talking to someone else about what happened gives you the benefit of your friend’s experience 
He or she may have made similar mistake or know how to deal with it
In addition
Describing the event forces you to think it through
May even help you see opportunities you didn’t know were there

Decide to change. 
Ask “What will I do better next time” 
Real growth or development and change happen when you see improvement
Then commit in making necessary changes to avoid the mistake in the

Benefit from mistakes
The most important lesson to remember
If you learn from the current mistake
You may be able to avoid a future one
Making a mistake does not make you a mistake
Remember Eternal God is the only one you know who does not make them

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2016

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high school

He held my hand when I was down
She took my hand to help me out
They clapped for me when I got up
She hugged me to make my day brighter
I do not know these people and they do not know me
Yet when I need it, they give me a hand
I dropped my books he picked them up
I was lost she showed the way
I was feeling sick they stayed with me to see I was okay
They say high school is hard
In addition, no one looks your way
They say life is rough 
Deal with it yourself your own way
However, when I needed a hug, a hand, or a tiny clap
The high scholars I do not know well, they had my back.

This is everything that happened to me on my first week off school a tiny freshmen like me is lucky to be at GHS

Copyright © sierra hutchison | Year Posted 2013

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Mixed Emotions

It happened at the wrong time
But what happened was beautiful
I denied it for a long while 
Never wanted to fall victim to it
But when I realized what it was
I never wanted to let go of it
It made me feel whole again
It made me want to do more	
It made me believe I could do anything
If only there was more time
I could have become accustomed to it
I could have known how to deal with it
I surely hope I have not lost this
I do not want to be without it
I don’t know what I would do without it
I hope I can deal without it
I want to feel this way forever
I want to hold on to every memory
Just to be able to go back in time
And relive every precious moment
Give myself hope that it will be there
That the future holds more of this
And I will become stronger by this.

Copyright © Fiona Herne | Year Posted 2012

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Did the world rushing in

Did the Armageddon pass and you escaped unscathed?
Haha I think so
In fact I know so
I dared God and I am still here
I asked for what I wanted
And I got it
- the final version
I didn't want God work on me any more
And asked for it to be done in one chunk
And I got it
No more messing around - one at a time
Too much bs
Couldn't deal with it
Done or no done - get it over with
And He heard it
I don't believe I can ask for anything 
if He doesn't want to give in the first place
But I felt He wanted it
Anyway, done and over with
No more messing around
I would love to say "no more bs"
But I know there will be bs
As I know God will do that
He likes to drive you crazy
Me crazy
But I know I can take this
I got what I wanted
The rest can go to Hades
Just kidding
Don't know where it goes
But what do I care?
Not my business
Unless God makes it my business
And that's a different story
Right now no one is my business
And that is just fine
That's the way I like it
Too much headache
Solving other people's problems
I am not the world's go to guru
Go to somewhere else
Leave your problems at your doors
Don't take home with you
unless you want to deal with it
Word to the wise: sway
Don't know what that means
But that's the word for you
Right now - ciao
Unless I feel like it in a few minutes

Copyright © Toquyen Harrell | Year Posted 2015

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You are gone

I can see the reflect of lights through the rain
While I walk on desperately and confused,
All the memories of you hit me in the head 
I'm already in pain so I can't feel the pain

I remember your smile, I laugh then I cry
I walk like crazy and I don't care
People look at me like I'm a monster 
I'm not ashamed nor shy

I just want to be left alone 
And hear the sound of the rain
While it thumps me again and again
I don't care if it hurts, because it hurts more that you are gone

I remember you, you made me the good person I'm
but you are gone far away and I can't get you back
I need you to come back and finish the undone
Because Without you I'm between the imperfect and dumb

You are gone without saying your goodbye
You are gone without letting me apologize For what I've done
You are gone without a word or a sign
You are gone and I wish if i knew why

Who is going to protect me now?
Who is going to hear me out?
Who is going to hold me when I can't sleep?
I know I have to deal with it, but I don't know how

Now, I see your beautiful face everywhere 
I hear your soft voice through the winds
But can you see me because I'm standing here
Wishing that you are smiling at me from there

Baby I will always cherish your love
So sleep soundly with no worries at all
You will always be the lost piece of my broken heart
So protect me and smile at me from above

Copyright © Kaila B.A | Year Posted 2012

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What Burden

I sing because I'm happy, I sing because I'm free
 Because the burden of slavery is no longer on me
 I've seen the thunder and the rain
 But like a plant outside, only growth I've gained

Stopped by the police, he just wanted to see
 What a black man was doing in a Grand Marquis
 Was reaching for my insurance, he said it was a gun
 Just a book about black man's struggle he had overcome

But see, he thought I was scared and wanted to hide
 But I sat in my driver's seat with all of my pride
 He couldn't get me mentally, so he drove away
 Yeah I' black, and my car came from a mom who would pray

See these statistics say black males just fight, kill and fail
 Do a poll on me, guarantee you'll change ideals of a black male
 See you think my emotions are bursting at the seams
 But I'm not an idealist, I'm a realist with dreams

My intelligence is leaving you scared, putting you in fear
 Yeah I said it, didn't Tyson your ear so I know you could hear
 The past is the past, back then they'd have to fight
 But I don't have to cause I was born with rights

America loves to call black dads deadbeats
 But can't acknowledge the ones finding their kids food to eat
 My black mama did it on her own and never had to steal
 And made sure me and my sister always had a meal

The first male in my family to go to college for a degree
 Yeah look passed the nappy hair and beard before analyzing me
 Been passing racial slurs generation to generation, it's time for an interference
 Cause I'm not a colored man, I'm a man with a different appearance

Yeah Dr. King fought for me and other blacks
 But he's gone now, so I don't need his actions on my back
 Don't read me wrong, I'm thankful for what he did
 But integration is wide open and segregation has a closed lid

These old racists need to go and plead the fifth
 So that future kids can see racism as just a myth
 Let this grudge end and just live your life
 Cause you're only stabbing the Constitution with a knife

Thank you for the slurs, lynchings and KKK
 Cause now you're all too tired to block the future so get out of our way
 My father in heaven made me, so I was meant to black
 He instilled wisdom in me, while you're intelligence slacks

So please tell me what burden do I have to bear
 Success is my future and now you're in a scare
 My light beams bright as the sun, you're unlit
 Struggles are done, I'm hear to stay so deal with it

Copyright © Abraham Shaw | Year Posted 2013

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You think your life is perfect
You get the red crayon in 
You get the reading passage 
correct in first grade
You get your first crush, first 
boyfriend, first kiss, first 
homecoming dance. 

But one thing is clarified and 
everything around you changes
You no longer fit it
You're given medication you 
didn't even know existed
You get extra help
And then, people look at you 
like you're from another planet. 

The teasing starts and you go 
back into that dark corner you 
just left
You don't want to leave
You begin to avoid your friends 
because you think that they're 
going to judge you
They start to worry and they 
text and call you until you 
But you don't answer because 
you don't want them to know
You don't want to be different. 

You think you're alone so you 
do tell anyone
You don't want them to think of 
you differently
You don't say anything because 
you think you'll lose friends 
But then you do lose friends 
because you didn't tell them. 

There are deaf schools and 
blind schools
There's a program for dyslexia
But there's nothing for ADD and 
You just have to deal with it.

Copyright © Kimberly Lemons | Year Posted 2014

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Live like how you want it

I don't dream about someone rescues me
I don't believe in who rescues whom
I believe life is what you make it
What is life anyway?
Life is doing what you want when you want it
Life is going after what you want and always get it
It's a balancing act
You don't want to do too much of one thing and not the other
It's paying attention to the ones you deem important and not so much 
with the others
It's doing what makes you happy
Whether it's helping someone or write a poem
Doing what you enjoy is important
Now don't go about having sex all night haha
If that's what makes you happy, who cares?
It's about tomorrow but have it today
Don't wait till tomorrow
It's live like how you want it
Don't let anyone say you can't have it
No one makes the rule for you
You make your own rules
It's being true to yourself 
Whether it's a feeling, a statement, thought
Don't deny it
The minute you deny it 
You will see it will come back in another way and tear you apart
So let it out
Deal with it
Go on
Life is so worth living 
Striving for 
The one you are waiting for 
is waiting for you
Come to it 
With open arms
Embrace it
Take it all in
Go on my friend
Life is whoa
Surprise you
Aren't you glad it comes to you
Abundantly and without reservation?
You shouldn't be too
No reservation okay? 
Say it

Inspired by reading Dave Wood's "Bicycle" and "Lucky Girl" poems.  Don't be too proud, Dave :)

Copyright © Toquyen Harrell | Year Posted 2014